All Pain and No Pleasure – Orgasms Interrupted by Cramping are the Result of Estrogen Imbalance

For 10 years, this early middle-aged woman has lived with painful sex and orgasms that are becoming increasingly hard to bear. She’s endured her situation up to this point because she enjoys sex, but sometimes the pain is so intense that she can’t climax.

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I have stumbled upon this website and am hoping you may be able to help. I am a 43-year-old sexually active woman experiencing severe cramps that stop me from achieving orgasm. It does not matter whether the orgasm was achieved via intercourse or clitoris arousal, or if it wasn’t achieved at all – the cramping still takes place. It starts about 5 to 10 minutes after the feeling of an orgasm. I should tell you this has been going on for at least 10 years but is getting more severe. Anyway, this hasn’t affected my sex life because I endure the pain afterward, but it is becoming increasingly unbearable.


When pain replaces pleasure, sex becomes a dreaded chore rather than an intimate and enjoyable experience. Pain can in fact completely ruin a woman’s sex life and cause her to avoid intercourse altogether or endure it just for the sake of her partner. One of the most striking qualities of orgasm pain is that it usually plagues women between the ages of 35 to 55, which is the time most females draw nearer to menopause. This indicates estrogen is the main culprit, particularly because this hormone’s levels decline as a woman ages. It is therefore safe to say your hormones are imbalanced, and once corrected, you’ll be able to again enjoy sex.
Estrogen and Sex
You may not think about this very often, but estrogen plays a key role in intercourse. This hormone not only keeps vaginal walls strong and healthy so that sex feels good, but it also provides the natural lubricant that encourages penetration. In addition, estrogen helps maintain the vagina’s delicate pH level necessary for warding off bacteria that can cause illness.
As a woman ages, her estrogen levels naturally begin to decline. This comes in response to the loss of her body’s ability to carry a child. It is not unusual for a woman’s hormones to become imbalanced at this time, which can lead to uncomfortable physical symptoms.
One of the first places symptoms appear is in the vagina. Vaginal walls lose their elasticity and become thinner, which in turn often cause the vagina to change shape. It can become shorter and narrower, thereby causing pain during sex. 

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Estrogen and Orgasm Dysfunction
However, not all women experience intercourse pain. Some feel lower abdominal cramping before, during and after they reach orgasm. The pain is similar to menstrual cramps and comes out of nowhere, radiating to either the lower back or rectum. Although short-lived, lasting between a few minutes and several hours, the cramping is intense and can ruin a sexual experience.
Like that associated with sex, orgasm pain is the result of declining estrogen levels. This hormone is responsible for uterine contractions, like those experienced during child labor. Orgasm also results in uterine contractions that are signaled by the release of estrogen. But just as the vagina shrinks in size with waning supplies of estrogen, so too does the uterus. This means it no longer responds to sexual stimulation the way it once did. In other words, orgasm can cause the changing uterus to contract in ways that are not pleasant, but instead painful.  
Stop the Cramps Once and For All
Orgasm dysfunction is a condition in which you either do not climax during sex and masturbation, or you have a prolonged or painful orgasm. The fact that you’ve endured this for 10 years means it’s time for you to feel some pleasure. Because the symptoms of orgasm pain are so like the cramps felt during PMS, you can take an herbal blend that balances hormones and alleviates discomfort. (TRY: PMS Relief Formula) Ingredients like Wild Yam and Dong Quai restore progesterone and estrogen levels, and White Peony and Passion Flower ease cramps. With this formula, sex will once again bring you pleasure instead of pain.

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