Aging Gracefully Doesn’t Mean Orgasms Get Easier

Age comes with privileges but doesn’t fail to bring its share of pitfalls. In this woman’s case, she’s struggling to reach climax regardless of the technique she tries – sex, masturbation or oral stimulation. She says she feels no sensation in her clitoris, which is partly due to the effects of time. But her over-indulgence with the vibrator is also to blame.

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I am a 49-year-old woman who can’t have an orgasm unless using a vibrator. Nowadays it is even hard to achieve an orgasm with a vibrator. I think this might be due to age, but from stories I have heard, it shouldn’t affect me this much. My orgasms used to be great, and now they are causing me lower back pain and just aren’t satisfying. I can’t even remember the last time I was able to feel any sort of sensation in my clitoral area, from masturbation, sex or oral sex. Nothing does it for me anymore. That is the reason I even started using a vibrator, because that was the closest I could get to an orgasm. What can be the real cause and how can I fix it? I am getting really frustrated, so the faster you help me, the faster I’ll be happy.


Age brings a reduced sexual response in many women. The most trying stage is menopause, which brings changes to the body that directly affect orgasm. Not only does the vagina become thinner and drier, but the clitoris gradually loses sensation. Both occur as estrogen levels decline, and they make it difficult for a woman to orgasm even when she’s doing everything else right.
Another piece of this puzzle can be found in your repeated vibrator use. There’s no question that sex toys help a woman orgasm. They are invaluable for exploring the body and even massaging tired muscles. But they can also damage the one organ you want to keep as healthy as possible: the clitoris.
When Pleasure Becomes Too Much
Mae West once said, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.” While she may have been talking about many things, she obviously wasn’t referring to clitoral stimulation. Yes, this is the way in which most women reach orgasm. But over-stimulating the clit causes damage to delicate nerve endings. In turn, scar tissue can form just below the surface and weaken your orgasms.
Many proponents of masturbation argue it’s impossible to damage the clitoris. While we’re not talking about permanent damage here, we are talking about the temporary inability to reach climax. As proof, consider what happens when you rub the same spot on your arm or leg for an extended period of time. It at first feels good, but the pleasure doesn’t last because the nerves become over-stimulated. All you want at that point is to stop the sensation and give your skin a break.
Constantly applying pressure to the clitoris with a vibrator produces the same effect. You do not, however, hear people talk about damage to the nerves in their arms. The difference is in the clitoris - a small organ crammed with more than 8,000 nerve endings. It is highly sensitive and therefore highly susceptible to damage. Women find it’s impossible to reach orgasm once their nerves are damaged. The lesson here is that vibrators work fine for occasional use, but they shouldn’t be a woman’s only means of pleasure.
Pain Right at the Moment of Orgasm
When a woman orgasms, her muscles involuntarily contract. This is why your leg might quiver or your stomach might clench just when you hit the big “O.” Another muscle that flexes – one you probably give very little though to – is the uterus. It contracts with orgasm like any other muscle and explains why some women experience abdominal cramping after sex.
Uterus contractions can also be felt in the back, the source of your pain. Keep in mind that as your genitalia change with age, so too does the uterus. Your contractions might thus be more potent than they were years ago, and now you experience pain as a result. Applying heat to your back, particularly a warm compress scented with an aromatic oil, will relieve muscle tension and also help you relax.
What’s Done Can be Undone
While it probably sounds like you’re at the end of your orgasm road, the truth is you can naturally revive your body – with an herbal formula designed for women over the age of 35. By targeting your current life stage, you can reduce such symptoms as hormonal imbalance, vaginal atrophy and clitoral insensitivity. But herbs don’t only reduce symptoms – they also promote blood flow to the clitoris and repair damaged nerve endings. In no time at all, you’ll again feel the pleasures of orgasm. (SEE: Herbal Formula for Clitoral Sensitivity & Passion Restoration)

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