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By Kate Gorrell Conditions: Women's Low Sex Drive Age: 36 - 55

Woman in her 50’s wonders what to do about her lack of tightness, and her lack of interest in sex. Why doesn’t she crave sex like she used to, and what can she do to get her tightness back?

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I love my kids. And I always said, “No sacrifice is too great for them.” I sacrificed time from work for my kids. I sacrificed time away from friends for my kids. Hell, I even sacrificed my body for these kids! Before my kids, I had a size 0 waist, and according to my husband, “my body was rock ‘n.”
Now in my 50s, I still have a rock ‘n body, but I could use some help where it matters most. While four kids would destroy the body of most women, thanks to my mother’s great genetics, I’m still a size 0 waist at age 52. But my waist doesn’t need help; it’s my sex life. As an experienced woman, the techniques drive my husband crazy, but it’s the physical makeup of the “tightness” that ruins our love life.
Aside from the tightness factor, I too am starting to avoid sex. I make any excuse to avoid sex--I’m too tired, too bloated, too interested in my book, or just too invested in this hit television show about an ex-teacher turned meth dealer. What do you recommend for both of these issues?


Congratulations on keeping your size 0 waist through four kids! That’s amazing. Now comes the hard part. You’re going through menopause. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I suspect you have other things going on than a low sex drive and a looser vagina. You might even be close to the end of menopause—it seems like your hormone levels are bottoming out. I can tell you why you feel this way—body and mind—and what you can do about it, but some women claim to welcome this epoch in their life. I’m not menopausal, and I can’t even fathom the changes you must be experiencing, but there is a select number of women find the idea that their lives no longer revolve around sex to be a pleasant one. I’ll give you the tools to fix the problem; you can decide how you want to approach it.
Mayday, Mayday, We’re Going Down!
During menopause, the female body largely stops producing the sex hormones it once did. The three main players in a woman’s body—estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone—gradually fade away, leaving a woman with a body no longer opportunistic to sexual encounter, and ready to begin a new stage of life. That isn’t to say that a woman couldn’t choose to continue to be sexual, it’s simply that without the necessary sex hormones, her body won’t crave sex, and neither will it be optimized for congress.

With your estrogen levels down, your vagina has become looser. It’s probably also more delicate—as regards tearing and pinching—and your lubrication levels have probably also declined. The walls of your vagina have thinned, and at this stage you’re at risk for bladder prolapse. It is not a happy place for rough sex. Your progesterone levels are down, which is what’s causing your bloating and your tiredness, as low progesterone levels cause water retention, insomnia, and sugar and carbohydrate cravings. And even though testosterone is thought of as a male hormone, females still need a little too, as it creates the desire and drive for sex and arousal. Without it, a woman could go for the rest of her life without sex and never see the need. 
Mix n’ Match
What can you do about it? It depends on what you want back. If you want to increase your sex drive and restore muscle tone, you can try low-dose testosterone. If you want to feel less bloated and tired, you can begin integrating progesterone into your life. Progesterone is a great hormone to reintroduce, as it has many beneficial actions on both the physical and mental health of a woman, with none of the dangerous side effects of estrogen. If you want to tighten and strengthen your vagina, begin applying topical estrogen, or using estrogen suppositories. Because the estrogen use is localized, it doesn’t carry so many of the risks of internalized estrogen.

If you don’t care about any of that, and simply want a tighter vagina, I’d recommend Kegels. However, if you are ready to begin reintroducing hormones into your body, and you want to do it in a natural, healthy way, I’d suggest trying an herbal remedy. (TRY: Sex Drive Revival Herbal Formula) Many of the plants used in this compound contain estrogenic and progesteronic chemicals, but because they are plant-derived, the body processes them differently than the synthetic hormones found in birth control and they are much, much safer for someone who is unsure about hormone replacement therapy. I hope this information helps you find peace in love, in life, and in bed!

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