After Married For 5 years, She Is Still Not Happy With His Skinny Penis

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A woman cites that her husband seems to be frustrated and perhaps embarrassed by his penis size. How can he hope to improve not only his size but also their love life? Find out!

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We have been married for 5 years and sex is great. But he gets self-conscious. He thinks his penis is skinny. Is there anything he can do to build the thickness of the penis? We want to make sex better and I want him to feel accomplished. I think I can reach orgasm faster with thicker penis too. Please help us.


Ask the average group of woman these days what they find attractive about a man and usually one of the last things that they’ll mention is penis size, if at all. Eyes and eye contact, lips, butts, abs, chest, shoulders, trust and loyalty, a big heart, compassion and being a nice guy, hair (or lack thereof), and these days even geekiness; these are some qualities that many women will rattle off right off the bat with when asked what traits they find attractive in a male. Your husband is only being evolutionarily conscious. Let me explain...

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Summary: A 30-year-old man starts to notices his happy marriage could be happier if he had a little bit of added width. One man learns some tricks for penile enlargement to give him the girth of his—and his wife’s—desire. If you want a larger girth, read on. And for more girth techniques, solutions or diet tips, leave your comments for us below. 
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Fact vs Fiction
In studies in which women are anonymous and where the evil scourge of political correctness is looming about, they tend to be much more “real with it,” as in the following one. According to, in a recent study conducted by a research team led by award winning researcher Dr. Brian Mautz of the University of Ottawa, his team presented a large sample of women with computer generated models of men. The models did not include hair and facial features, which could detract from study’s focus: the general body type and penis size that each model represented.
The study concluded that overall, women found men with broader shoulders, smaller waistlines, and (gasp!) larger penises to be relatively more attractive. Dr. Mautz also keenly observed that the larger penises in question were beyond the size required for reproduction; so I think we can all do the math there.
Age (loss of testosterone), obesity, excessive masturbation, too much stress, these can all lead to a lack of blood flow required to fill a healthy man’s penis up, and this over time results in a smaller member. So what is a good, natural solution?
A Study of Natural Growth
Make sure that your husband isn’t masturbating excessively (more than several times per week) as that could inhibit the following solution and lessen its effects.
Ancient potent herbal mixtures have been around for hundreds of years in China, and are just now becoming more prevalent in Western society as their effects become more evident. Their powerful qualities may help in the expansion of a man’s interconnected penile chambers (corpus cavernosum) by increasing local blood circulation, and engorging these chambers with growth factors such as testosterone, DHT, and HGH. (SEE: Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement) They can also augment the blood retention qualities of the sponge-like tissues within these chambers, prolonging their ability to hold blood within them for longer periods. Over time, the chambers will increase in their elasticity, thereby expanding the penis outward for more overall size, including what you and your husband desire; girth.
Soon, the only thing that you might be studying is his increased size so get to it!

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Brielle Music posted on Tue, 06/24/2014 - 14:28
I don't think that the last thing a woman thinks about is the penis. When they go on their girly outtings they always talk about their boyfriend's penis size. Well at least those that aren't ashamed of how big their boyfriend is.'s picture
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blackraptor57 posted on Fri, 06/06/2014 - 12:07
If you want to boost a man's confidence and make him feel like he's the one and only then you need to show him just how perfect his penis size is. If you think his size is right then tell him and remind him all the time. 
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