An Addict’s Woes Continue Long After Rehab: Substance Abuse Left Him with Weak, Unsustainable Erections

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He abused Oxycodone for four years. After entering rehab two months ago, he’s learning to manage his addiction but still suffers an ongoing, persistent problem – erectile dysfunction (ED). ED is part of the aftermath involved with substance abuse. A natural remedy will provide the means to overcome his problems in bed and again enjoy sex.

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Sixty days ago, I entered rehab for an addiction to pain pills. I started taking Oxycodone when I was 25 because I suffered intense back pain from a motorcycle accident. But I got addicted to the high. I am now 29 and trying my damndest to stay clean. Recovery has been shaky, but even shakier are my erections. Sometimes I get hard only to lose an erection in the middle of sex. Other times I get just slightly hard and come really quickly. Are my problems because of the previous drug abuse?


In 2013, the Clinical Journal of Pain published a study from the Kaiser Permanente Northern California that found half of 81 men surveyed who took prescription pain pills also had low testosterone. The result? These men suffered sexual dysfunction.
The link between erectile dysfunction (ED) and opioids (the class of medications to which Oxycodone and other pain killers belong) is found in testosterone. Oxycodone is particularly noteworthy because it is a time-release medication. This means it’s absorbed into the bloodstream over a longer span of time than short-acting pills. Time-release pills have the most devastating effect on testosterone.
Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction
All this talk about testosterone probably has you wondering what it has to do with ED. The first aspect is libido. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for sexual desire, and because levels are so much higher in men, males typically think about sex more than females.
With low testosterone, sexual desire goes out the window. It’s much more difficult to achieve and sustain an erection if you don’t really want sex. Sure, you might still think about it and crave the pleasure it brings. But knowing sex is enjoyable and actually wanting to engage are two different things.

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With Testosterone Comes Dopamine
All of the body’s chemicals are intricately connected. Where sexual function is concerned, the connection between testosterone and dopamine is perhaps the most important. As one rises in levels, so does the other, and vice versa. Low testosterone therefore means low dopamine.
When released, dopamine ignites a sense of satisfaction – it is the reward hormone. Your body produces dopamine in quantities during orgasm, which explains why sex is so fulfilling and repeatedly craved. But dopamine is also involved with addiction, and receptors decrease as you continuously fulfill your craving. That’s why you need more of a substance – be it alcohol, recreational drugs or prescription pills – as you continue to abuse.
With dopamine already reduced because of low testosterone, and nerve receptors on the wane, addiction kills desire and erectile capacity. People who compulsively use drugs and alcohol basically numb their reward systems. This is why those with porn and substance addictions often have sexual problems.
The Myth of Prescription Pills
You might be thinking at this point that prescription medications shouldn’t cause so many problems. They are, after all, authorized by medical professionals, the very people employed to improve health and well-being. But all pills, syrups and other medications produced by pharmaceutical companies contain chemicals that interfere with key processes in the body. Abusing these prescriptions only makes the damage that much more substantial.
The website claims Americans die every day from prescription drug abuse. That’s bad enough, but you must also consider the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knowingly approves drugs that pose serious side effects. In short, medications prescribed by doctors – whether you take them correctly or not – can be detrimental to your health.
Natural Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction
You said you went to rehab to manage your addiction. Now you need a similar detoxification process to restore sexual function. This starts with Milk Thistle, a natural, safe and effective herb that helps the liver metabolize free-standing chemicals and hormones in the body. (SEE: Milk Thistle For Detoxifying Impotence) This allows the body to expel all the unnecessary waste that impedes sexual energy.
As it detoxifies, Milk Thistle eliminates toxic buildups and balances hormones. Both tasks are crucial to restoring testosterone and dopamine levels to normal. A clean, balanced body processes nutrients more effectively and feels re-energized. You’ll soon be able to perform better in bed than you have in years.

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