The Accident That Hurt a Penis: His Erections Just Aren’t the Same after a Fateful Ride on His Motorcycle

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He was involved in a motorcycle accident and now has difficulty achieving hard erections. His penis isn’t fractured, but it is sore and bruised. He’s tried sex a handful of times but wants to wait until his erections are fully restored before trying again. That’s why he’s in a rush for a remedy.

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My erections haven’t been the same since my motorcycle accident several weeks ago. My penis was hit (I don’t remember how) and is still sore and bruised. My wife and I have tried sex a few times, but I’d really rather wait until I can achieve full erections again. That’s why I’m writing – I need a way to get harder so I can get busy in the bedroom. My penis isn’t fractured, they checked in the hospital. I hope you can help!


When you think of an injury to the body, you probably think of torn ligaments or dislocated disks. It’s not too often people envision a bruised, swollen or fractured penis, especially as the result of a traffic accident. So it’s no wonder you don’t understand how or what happened to get in the way of your erections. Not to worry, we can explain all.
Soft Tissues of the Penis
We’re going to take you back in time for a moment, to those rude moments as a child when a sibling or friend accidentally delivered a blow to your groin. You can probably recall the intense pain quickly followed by waves of nausea. These events initiated you to the tender nature of your penis.
The penis is so sensitive because it contains a large number of nerves that respond to sexual stimulation. It is susceptible to damage, and therefore great pain, because its dense fibers are largely inflexible. Only those tissues that connect the base of the penis to the body are flexible.
Inside the penis are connective tissues, erectile tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. As you see, very little stands between this organ and injury. It lacks bone, dense muscle and self-defense.

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The Trauma of Injury
A bruise on any spot of the body hurts. One on the penis is that much more painful. All of the tissues within the penis are traversed with blood vessels so they stay oxygenated for strength and health. These vessels, small and large, can rupture if they suffer pressure or trauma from an outside force. A rupture forces blood away from the vessel and under the skin. This is where bruising becomes visible, ranging in color from red to purple to green.
You need to give yourself sufficient time to heal before you try sex. Keep in mind a ruptured blood vessel cannot fill with blood as is necessary for an erection. A few damaged vessels equates to weak erections. So, what you need to do is abstain until the pain subsides. On average, the penis needs four to six weeks to heal.
For Your Reference, Other Penis Injuries
Although penile injuries aren’t common, some hospitals treat one or two cases a month. The biggest culprit is sex. When not erect, the penis is more flexible and therefore less susceptible to damage. But an erection forces the penis into rigidity, and during rigorous sex, this organ can sustain trauma from hitting a pubic bone, pelvis or leg.
In severe cases, a man may suffer a fractured penis. This doesn’t involve a broken bone but rather a tearing of one of the penis’s membranes. Surgery is sometimes required to repair such a tear. Other common problems of the penis include chaffing and swelling, also commonly caused by sex and/or masturbation.
A Faster Recovery
If you don’t want to wait more than a month to get back into your wife’s arms, we suggest you use an herbal remedy to heal your penis. Don’t be alarmed; herbs are safe and effective and have been used in countries around the world for thousands of years. A formula designed specifically for penile injuries is ViaPal-hGH-D. (SEE: ViaPal-hGH-D for Erection Restoration) It contains such ingredients as Horny Goat Weed, Nettle and Yohimbe to restore hard, full erections in men.
What’s so special about ViaPal-hGH-D? Its combination of select herbs repairs damaged penile tissues. It also rejuvenates nerves, enhances libido and balances hormones. All of this equates to a speedier recovery for your renewed enjoyment of sex.

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