Absent from the Equation: She Over-Masturbated and Continues to Indulge but No Longer Orgasms

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She now wonders how to repair the damage done to her body by repeated masturbation.

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I have been over-masturbating for the past five years. Now I am unable to achieve an orgasm. I also suffer from severe vaginal dryness. What can I do?


You may not have thought about this before, but your inability to orgasm is directly linked to your vaginal dryness. Both are results of your over-masturbation, a condition commonly attributed to males. But females can also indulge in too much pleasure, and as you have noted, the end result is devastating to normal sexual responses.
A Hard Look at the Female Orgasm
The female orgasm is as perplexing as it is exciting. Researchers continue to speculate its purpose in terms of science. Whereas the male orgasm is necessary for procreation, the female orgasm is not. This means it is rendered useless in terms of biology.
But to the female population, an orgasm is anything but useless. It feels good, plain and simple, and can release stress as well as induce a relaxing night of sleep. Perhaps these reasons help explain why some women over-indulge, be it with intercourse or masturbation.
During sex, the female body undergoes many noticeable changes. Heart rate jumps, muscles clench and the vagina swells. Yes, the vagina swells, and the clitoris does the same. Blood moves to this tiny knot of pleasure and engorges it – meaning stimulation at once becomes easier.
Just before orgasm, the clitoris retracts under its hood to avoid damage. The fact that the clit is designed to do this suggests our bodies were not made for overstimulation – meaning masturbation can take a toll. To even get to the big O, most women need their clits rubbed, teased, tugged, or otherwise touched. This is perfectly fine, except that the organ contains thousands of nerve endings susceptible to harm.

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Too Much Pleasure Causes Loss of Sensitivity
Repeatedly touching the clit – and all those nerve endings – leads to desensitization. This is the place where you are now. Your nerves are dead to touch and, as a result, you cannot orgasm. But the real problem is in the brain, where the ability to experience sexual pleasure resides.
All those nerves in the clit traverse the abdomen and are responsible for sending messages of enjoyment to the brain. When that enjoyment culminates, a woman experiences orgasm. But when the nerves feel nothing, they send no message. This means no orgasm, regardless of how hard you try or how many times you give it a go, because the connection from clit to brain is hindered.
Over-Masturbation, the Culprit of Vaginal Dryness
Your vaginal dryness is a sign of sexual exhaustion. In the afterglow of sex, the body is flooded with chemicals that help prolong feelings of satisfaction. Those chemicals accumulate to excessive levels when they are constantly released. With time, the body becomes fatigued and stops responding to sexual stimulation.
In addition, your body won’t become wet with desire when it knows orgasm is not possible. Natural lubrication before sex is a response to arousal. But the lack of sensation in your clitoris sends a clear message to the rest of your body: regardless of the method tried, orgasm will not be reached. This means your body won’t kindle with desire, and you’ll meet vaginal dryness each time you masturbate until you are sufficiently healed to again enjoy sex.
Take Break and Heal
It’s time for a respite from masturbation so your body can recover – this is the only way your nerves can regain sensitivity. We further recommend you take a natural botanical remedy to restore balance to your body. (TRY: Natural Herbal Formula for Vaginal & Clitoral Repair) Formulated with herbs like Dong Quai and Maca, this remedy encourages blood flow to the genitals and repairs damaged nerve endings. It also stabilizes hormones to correct vaginal dryness.

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Botanical Remedy For Clitoral & Vaginal Repair

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