45-yrs Old Chinese Wants To Grow His Penis From 4 1/2" To 6 1/2" Fast

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By Ian Kane Conditions: Men's Penis Enlargement Age: 36 - 55

Here’s a gentleman who is interested in gaining some penis size, and is wondering how to go about it. Is it really that easy? Have you ever thought about growing your penis?

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My penis is only 4 1/2" when erect. I have always longed to have a 6"-6 1/2" penis one day. What can I do or can you recommend widening and lengthening my penis? I am a Chinese man and 45 years old. Can you please advice with what I can do?


The hero spied her across the dark, crowded bar. What were the odds that a girl this hot was at a bar by herself? He asked himself. Eventually, she picked up on his eye-contact and reciprocated with a smile. He winked, but just as he was about to start walking over, another guy moved in next to her and commenced to engage in conversation. Miss Hotness tried to indicate to the newcomer that she wasn’t interested with her body language, but he didn’t seem to notice.

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Summary: He’s 38, and he’s had plenty of lovers. Now in his prime, he wants to increase his penis size to provide his partner with a more satisfying experience. If you’re interested too, find out how you can benefit from a boost to your length. And for even more help, leave me your comments below.
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>Is true that Chinese emperors drank Cascuta tincture for penis enlargement? [Kaushik Love]
If it's that easy to grow your penis then I want to be able to do it as well...
To the Rescue!
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If only such a comic book scenario would play out for each and every man on Earth, right? Unfortunately for many men, instead of pulling out a super-powered sausage they’re merely producing a little, puny, wiener-dog. Factors such as naturally aging (thereby experiencing a decline in testosterone levels), and/or engaging in chronic masturbation (over masturbation) can play into a reduction in penis size. These can lead to the tiny chambers within your penis (corpus cavernosum) not filling up with blood properly, and over time this can cause long-term penis shrinkage. So how do you get things pumped-up again?

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Sunday Jaynes's picture
Sunday Jaynes posted on Tue, 07/22/2014 - 15:16
Actually, I think it's more of a luck of the draw kind of a thing when it comes to penis size. My husband is also of Asian decent, and he is about 8 inches long. I'll admit, before I met my husband, I believed the myth that all Asian men had small penis's, but I had never been with one to know any different.

When we first started dating I was actually pretty worried about what the sex was going to be like. . .Until I finally saw him naked!

I'm kind of ashamed to admit it, but I was just so relieved to know that we wouldn't be having any problems when it came to our sex life. It might sound superficial, but I really believe that the key to a long lasting relationship is great sex. Obviously, things like communication and trust are big things as well, but those are also things that only grow and mature over time. Sex is pretty much hit and miss, at least it is for me.
Stuart Fields's picture
Stuart Fields posted on Thu, 07/17/2014 - 14:00
The truth about penis's, is that the average size for most men is just around 5 ½ inches no matter what kind of genetic background you may have. However, there are ways to increase your length without having to turn to questionable, chemically created pills. You can actually achieve a more proportionally pleasing penis by utilizing herbs such as Morinda, Pinelli, Epimedium, and Avena Sativa.

These herbs will help to increase your length and girth by widening the blood chambers within the shaft of the penis. Once the chambers have enlarged a considerable amount, more blood will have the ability to fill the shaft. More blood in the shaft means a larger erection.

You may also help the lengthening process along at a bit brisker pace by incorporating a milking massage technique. Whatever you do, I would highly advise staying away from harmful penis pumps. You may experience little growth through this method, but it will only be temporary.
Lowell Ingram's picture
Lowell Ingram posted on Thu, 07/17/2014 - 13:55
I am also a male of Asian decent, and I've been wondering lately if the myth about our penis size is generally true? If it is, that would be highly unfortunate. When erect, my penis is only 5 inches long. I would really like to add on at least two inches. I have felt inadequate in the bedroom for a very long time. I have never tried any of the methods of growth that are common to many men. All of them seem to raise a certain amount of skepticism on my part.

Many of my other male friends who are also Asian seem to have some of the same complaints about their length and girth that I do. Not that it's really something that we all sit around and talk about what size our penis's are, but it has come up that most of our lengths only have a range of about 3 ½ to 5 ½ inches. I was wondering if many Asian men also have this problem?
Dorian Payton's picture
Dorian Payton posted on Fri, 07/11/2014 - 09:53
I am a Chinese man myself and I feel your pain. Growing up with a small penis isn't the easiest thing ever but you know, it is possible to reverse it and grow your penis to your desired length.
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