20-Year-Old Bent, Broke and Injured His Penis, Now He Faces Penis Shrinkage

A single incident from a penis exercise has left him with multiple problems: his erection is smaller and weaker. What went wrong? And more importantly, how can he fix it? Read on, get the facts and find out!

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Years ago I injured my penis by trying to do a stretching and bending technique near the base of my penis. The morning after the injury I noticed that my penis was hanging lower than normal. It seemed to be very limp and not firm as it used to be. Also, the size seems to have shrunk. The erections I get aren't the same as they used to. Can I increase my erection strength? What about my penis? Will it ever grow back?


No one is safe. We are constantly bombarded with the message from every possible media: Get the newest, the most advanced, and the biggest. It doesn't matter what the particular product might be. Advertising in the 21st century is based on convincing prospective customers that whatever they have is not good enough.

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Summary: A common theme for men is to enlarge their penis, but the efforts they choose to achieve a larger size damages their bodies. Find out how you can damage and break your penis.
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Feeling The Pressure
Males are subject to similar, if less-obviously stated, messages: no matter how big your penis is, you won't be happy until you're bigger! This would be bad enough, but when a man succumbs to the pressure of thinking he needs to make his penis bigger and doesn't do his homework properly, it's all too easy to use a “solution” that not only fails to provide lasting growth but can actually shrink your erection.
Instructions Ignored
Unlike many other species of mammals and even some of the other primates, the human penis has no bones in it. The only muscles near the organ are the ones at the base, responsible for maintaining the high-pressure fluid seal keeping the corpus cavernosa and corpus spongiosum inflated during intercourse. Erections are achieved and sustained through a complex series of biochemical and neurological actions, which means that attempting to “exercise” the penis in any way resembling exercising an arm or a leg is not only futile but risks causing considerable damage.
In your case, the damage probably consists of significant leakage in the sections of your corpus cavernosa inside your pelvis; think of it as the part of the flagpole that extends past the surface of the mounting bracket and into the wall. Depending on how you bent your erection, you may also have damaged the suspensory ligament, which is the equivalent of the flagpole mounting bracket. The rest of your erection does not have the mechanical reinforcement necessary to stand as straight out as you might like.
Beyond that, the valves that hold the blood in your erection may have failed, which explains why your erections are softer. Think of it as having a slow leak in a tire; you can inflate it pretty well at first, but it won't hold the pressure for very long.

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Can This Trouble Be Shot?
Yes, but carefully. Your body in general and your penis in particular are capable of recovering from quite a lot of damage. However, you will have to help it as much as possible. The first step in any kind of genital regeneration process is to reduce your ejaculations for a while. The goal is zero ejaculations for three straight weeks. The healing process can keep going if you limit yourself to no more than once every three or four days, but it will take much longer.
Next, discuss your diet and exercise plans with your health-care provider. Your body needs zinc and B-complex vitamins for tissue repair. Oysters, red meats and spinach are excellent sources of zinc, while dairy and various whole grains can supply you with B-complex vitamins. Do your own research to see what other foods appeal to you. A moderate exercise program will assist in boosting your testosterone levels, which will also help strengthen your erections and increase your stamina.
Perhaps most importantly, consider taking an all-natural herbal supplement, designed specifically to address the problems that have left you with an undersized erection. (TRY: Herbal Formula for Penile Enlargement & Growth) It helps increase blood circulation, helping to get needed nutrients and hormones to where they are needed. It assists in recovery from penile injury as well as from adrenal fatigue. And perhaps most importantly, it regulates hormone levels in such a way that your erections may become larger than you remember.
It only takes a moment to break a bone, but it can take months for it to recover fully. Likewise, your penis injury will take diligence and patience to heal. But if you take the time to do it right, it may come back even stronger than it was before. Good luck!

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Aide Minor's picture
Aide Minor posted on Mon, 07/21/2014 - 14:36
Can a woman injure herself in a way like this? I’m worried that I’ve damaged my clit by being too rough. I like to spank and slap my clit, and pull on it pretty hard when I’m getting off. Now it seems like it isn’t getting hard like it used to, just staying flat, and the sensation is really a lot less than I’m used to. I always thought that as long as I wasn’t using a vibrator, I could be as hard as I wanted, but now I think I’ve done something similar to this guy, by messing up the circulation or something. I don’t want to go through life with a half-working clitoris, but I’m not sure what to do to restore sensation and blood flow. I know I have to stop masturbating for awhile, but does that mean all masturbating, or just clit masturbation? What sort of herbs should I take?
Larry Knight's picture
Larry Knight posted on Fri, 07/18/2014 - 10:32
In reference to the previous poster, I think you should really give your penis a break. It sounds as though you’ve done serious damage, and it’s likely you’ll have scar tissue even if you don’t masturbate for awhile. I hope you’ve been taking ibuprofen regularly, as that will really help with the prevention of prostaglandin buildup, which will help with scar tissue formation. If you haven’t, you should look into some type of detoxifying supplement to help cleanse your system of backed-up blood and prostaglandins left over from the initial injury. You should also look into a restorative supplement, something designed to rejuvenate the tissues of your penis. I think you’re taking this injury a little lightly, perhaps because it’s so recent, but if you don’t take steps to look after your penis, you’ll find you have a major problem before too long. The penis doesn't have bones to break, but it does have blood vessels to cut off, and what you've just done has surely damaged a number of them...
Donald Bradley's picture
Donald Bradley posted on Fri, 07/18/2014 - 09:55
i think i did this to myself, but just by jacking off! i like to really grip my penis hard when i’m horny, and i think i grabbed a little too hard the other day and kind of wrenched myself while in the heat of the moment. it hurt immediately afterwards, but i was too aroused to stop, and kept going despite the pain until i came. it seemed like the cum came out a little weird, but i didn’t think too much about it. a couple hours later, my penis was still partly hard, and i began to get worried. it also hurt quite badly. i took a couple ibuprofen and took a cold shower, which helped the pain, but my dick was still semi-erect. i rubbed it for about 15 minutes, and it finally began to go down, but now, a week later, the pain is still there, and i haven’t been able to get fully hard since. do i really have to stop jacking off for weeks to get back to normal? can’t i speed up the process? i don’t want to injure myself permanently, but i also want to be able to cum as usual.
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