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Sex Position: Push-Up Position

Push-ups strengthen the chest, shoulders and triceps for a stronger, more chiseled look and feel. Some men and women can do 100s of push-ups in the span of a few minutes. And some women will definitely want to perform these push-ups in this position too. So prepare to workout your chest and shoulders, ladies.
Men will start off on their backs. Ladies will climb on top and lie sideways. Here’s where it gets tricky. Achieving penetration for sideways positions can prove cumbersome—especially for novices.

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Masturbation & Mood - How chronic self-stimulation can lead to drastic changes in spirit

People who overextend or exhaust themselves too frequently often find themselves in a state of emotional imbalance. This unfortunate predicament can lead to various inflammations within the body that occur quite unpleasantly, adversely enhanced by irritation and frequent mood swings. Read more

A Bladder that Won’t Empty - A painful disorder called Interstitial Cystitis has its aflictees peeing constantly

An unfortunate and persistent condition that primarily affects the bladder, Interstitial Cystitis can afflict anyone, but is most common among women. Also known as “overactive bladder syndrome” the disorder’s symptoms include uncomfortable bladder pressure, and mild to severe bladder and pelvic pain. Read more

Sex Position: Lollipop

Lollipops come in all shapes, flavors and colors, but we guarantee this is one shape and flavor you’ve never tried. Men who enjoy receiving fellatio and women who love providing it will find how versatile Lollipop can be. So men, sit back, relax and enjoy while she licks your Lollipop.
Why She’ll Love It:
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Astragalus Spaghetti Meat Sauce For Chronic Fatigue

This sauce contains a combination of herbs that is aimed to strengthen the immune and endocrine systems to better combat the adrenal fatigue that is a result of sexual exhaustion. It also increases appetite and allows for better absorption of its many nutrients. Read more

Military Masturbation: Surviving While on Duty

Guys have certain needs. You go a week, two weeks, even a month without any form of sexual release, but before long, your sanity begins to suffer. Your penis becomes like a raging volcano that's just about ready to take on a life of its own, and your mind is plagued by thoughts of homicidal unrest. It's all you can do to keep from going full werewolf on your fellow man. Yeah, we all have needs, but it's not always easy to fulfill those needs. Imagine you're surviving overseas in the military, and you're surrounded by your fellow servicemen and women every moment of every day.
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Sex Position: Sex-tacy

We’ve written about sex and routines before. Couples easily fall into these habits, especially married couples. It’s hard not to. Kids require extra care and attention, which diminishes the importance of sex.

Once couples do get time away from the kids, they’re probably too tired to even want to engage in sex. When couples do have the energy for sex, it’s likely they’ll want to expend as little effort as possible. So couples get into positions that require little work, a habit that creates a routine.
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Pleasure & Pain - How vaginal over-stimulation can lead to intercourse pain

According to recent research on female sexuality, a great number of women experience pain during sex. They all seem to have certain factors in common with their sexual histories; over-masturbation, over-sex and the use of sex toys such as vibrators. Read more

Sex Position: Tongue Twister

Men, this position will be a tongue twister, so prepare for some practice. A little bit of tongue action should set the tone right for a night of adventure. Plus, some oral pleasure can help your partner settle her nerves, especially if she hasn’t had sex in a long time. Just remember gentlemen, it’s not a race to the finish line; it’s a marathon. Take your time to please her.
Men lie on your backs. Ladies, place your hips right over your man's face to enjoy what your man has to offer.
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Erotic Electrostimulation Can Harm Your Sexual Nerves Beyond Your Imagination

To enhance sexual experience, some couples experiment with "electro sex," or electric stimulation of the genitals for erotic pleasure by connecting a muscle stimulator to the penis, clitoris or G-spot. Read more


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