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The Science of Pre-cum - A Technical Study of the Unsightly Result of Over Masturbation

There may be nothing more unsightly than the excessive seminal emissions known as “pre-cum”. It can be particularly unsettling when a partner is put off by it. For the educated reader, here is a brief yet methodological look at why this occurs and an examination of what can be done to treat the condition. Read more

Drip, Drip, Drip—A Leaky Penis Caused By Excessive Masturbation

Picture pouring water into a balloon with a hole. The balloon will fill up, but eventually, it will become deflated. As with the balloon and the water, when excessive pre-cum leaks, the penis will become deflated. For men, the loss of an erection during intercourse can be the source of much embarrassment. Men need to stay erect in order to continue to perform. Without an erection, all pleasure and sensation becomes lost.
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Birth Control The Cause Of Your Sagging Breast

The ideal breast: firm and soft. As a woman ages, she slowly begins to lose firmness in her breast and she starts to see them sag. Sagging breast is a natural process. When sagging of the breast occurs earlier than it should, such as in the early 30s or 20s, then it’s a problem. Premature sagging of the breasts is attributed to a hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, weight gain, unhealthy diet, and even birth control. Granted, larger breast are prone to sag faster, but still, average sized breast should not be sagging at an early age.
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Masturbate Yourself into Exhaustion – The Culprit to Your P.E. Problem

Masturbation is a healthy sexual behavior. Every man masturbates. Doctors do it. Professors do it. Sexual Experts do it, too. When addiction or excessive performance of the act occurs, individuals can have both psychological and physiological imbalances. Read more

When He’s Not Up to Anything, not Even His Erection, And You’re Still Unsatisfied

Why is it that some men can’t keep up an erection during sex? Everything seems to be normal; foreplay goes well, he’s erect, you begin congress, and then five minutes into girl-on-top and you’re losing sensation. Quick check, what do we find? He’s half soft! Isn’t being face to face with a sexy woman, going hot and heavy, enough to keep him hard?
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Methods of Penis Enlargement - A Guide To Understanding the Science of Enlargement

To understand the basics behind penis enlargement, one must understand the standard structural anatomy of the penis, how erection occurs, and the mechanics of how penile tissue can be strengthened and enlarged. Read more

Hair Loss – The Medication and Masturbation Correlation

Every guy dreads the prospect of hair loss. At first you think it's your imagination, but before long, you notice thinning patches. Once the hairline recedes, you just can't live in denial about it. Transplants cost a fortune, and that Yankees baseball cap isn't fooling anyone.

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Sex Position: Bend Over

As a kid, you never wanted to hear your parents say these two words: “Bend over!” You knew that as soon as they said those two words something painful was about to occur. Ladies, this time your "daddy" will be asking you to Bend Over yet again, but unlike before, you won’t feel any pain, just pleasure. Each spanking from this position should generate stimulation from an angle you’re not accustomed to. So don’t get scared ladies when he asks you to Bend Over.
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Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick with Tongkat Ali

Find out how this herb can power your libido, enhance erections, and boost your energy today! Read more

Birth Control - The Culprit Behind Vaginal Pain

When birth control first made its way to the market, men and woman revered it for reducing pregnancy. Men could experience the warmth of a woman without a rubbery device inhibiting his ecstasy, while women no longer needed to worry about the high risks of pregnancy. While birth control is still revered, some women suffer from an exasperating effect: vaginal pain.

Behind The Side Effects 
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