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Feel the Burn – The Strange Link Between Weight Lifting and Testicle Pain

Are you crazy about lifting weights? Do you like to spend your days at the gym, toning and sculpting and building the body of you dreams? Do you enjoy the sensation of devastating pain shooting through your testicles?

Okay, that last one is probably a “no,” but if you're a hardcore lifter, maybe you've begun to notice an increasing presence of discomfort (or perhaps even indescribable agony) originating inside the pendulum between your legs.

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A Man With Backbone: Putting Spine Back Into Your Erections at Any Age

There’s a point at which all men begin noticing issues with erections. No matter how much of a Lothario you were in your youth, one day or another, you’ll start having problems getting it up. And why? It all comes down to a question of how long your male hormones will hold out.
Slippery Slope
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A Highly Sensitive Clit - How vibrator overuse can make touch unbearable

Some women have a clitoris that is just too sensitive. It takes great care and skill to manipulate it properly. Not surprisingly, the women to whom they belong are usually the only ones who can. But oddly enough, the factors that created the sensitivity often originate from the shared circumstance of self-pleasure. Read more

Finding Out If Penis Size a Hereditary Gene?

There are three things that guys really care about above all else: Their penis size, their survival, and their happiness...in that order. And for the record, No.1 and No. 3 go hand in hand. A lot of guys, though, seem to be under the impression that when it comes to penis size, they are slaves to their genetics.

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Improving Your Endurance: Fighting Your Ejaculation Urges

Experienced lovers don’t learn pleasurable techniques over night. Experienced lovers understand sex because they practice and engage in the activity often. Men know what areas to kiss a woman. Women know how to twist and maneuver their bodies to get men moaning. From the proper angle to the right maneuver, experienced lovers know all the tricks.
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Nine Inches Was Too Much - Petite women can be injured by well-endowed men…

I recently had sex with an old friend, all 9 inches of him. The next day I woke up with stomach pain, and the days after that my ovaries hurt and bothered me all day. Plus I was having a rusty/pinkish colored discharge. Read more

Cnidium Pork Rib Simmering Soup for Young Adult Impotence

Cnidium is well known as a libido booster in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Many Chinese moms would prepare the Cnidium Pork Rib Simmering Soup for their son after his wedding night, in order to enable him to perform well and fulfill his parents wish to have grandchildren. After using this formula, such expectations soon came to fruition. Read more

Re-grow Hair by Not Masturbating

An old wives’ tale stated that men who masturbated often grew hair on their palms. Don’t worry about hair growing on your palms—it’s only a myth. Instead, worry about losing your hair. Excessive masturbation can cause the hair follicles to die and increase early onset male baldness.
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Sex Position: Cuddling, Not Optional

Cuddling with your partner enhances your bond. Sex and cuddling, well, that just enhances the experience. Cuddling, Not Optional provides another simple position for enhancing intimacy, especially if your lady or man is having problems reaching an orgasm.

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