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Blood Vessel Damage Leading to Penis Pain

The penis is a sponge. When the blood vessels swell with blood, the penis takes its rock-hard formation. When those blood vessels cannot maintain the swelling, men are said to suffer from impotence. Read more

Get Rock-Hard Erections with Bitter Melon

Penis shrinkage, loss in erection firmness, and even the total loss of sexual desire are all common side effects caused by age. Aging produces a bevy of ineffectual conditions and diseases; the most common age-related ailment deals with sex. From erectile dysfunction to weak erections, some type of sexual ailment will likely affect most men in their 50s and above.
Is It Hard Yet?
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Sex Position: Mission In-Her-Possible

She may experience trouble reaching an orgasm, but with Mission In-Her-Possible, you can improve her chances. If your partner complains about clitoris or G-spot stimulation, then fear not for Mission In-Her-Possible pleasures both areas. Known as a variant to the popular missionary position, Mission In-Her-Possible is ideal for men with a penis size of 5 inches or larger. Still, if you can manage, try it for yourself to see what she thinks.
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Penis Shrinkage & Excessive Masturbation

A man’s worst nightmare is to have his penis damaged or shrunk. It’s beyond embarrassing! It can even lead to suicidal thoughts. For every cause, there must be a reason. And excessive masturbation is a common leading cause of penis shrinkage.
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Common Myths of Penis Enlargement

Penis size is not related to height, hands or feet. Penis size is just like nose size – a very tall man might have a small nose and a short man might have a big nose. Read more

Birth Control The Cause Of Your Sagging Breast

The ideal breast: firm and soft. As a woman ages, she slowly begins to lose firmness in her breast and she starts to see them sag. Sagging breast is a natural process. When sagging of the breast occurs earlier than it should, such as in the early 30s or 20s, then it’s a problem. Premature sagging of the breasts is attributed to a hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, weight gain, unhealthy diet, and even birth control. Granted, larger breast are prone to sag faster, but still, average sized breast should not be sagging at an early age.
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Vaginal Dryness Caused by Antibiotics

When a woman starts to feel turned on, her body will naturally release lubrication to minimize the pain of the penis sliding back and forth. As women age, their bodies start to naturally produce less and less lubrication because of a dearth in progesterone. Progesterone, a hormone produced by the ovaries, becomes the driving force needed to keep crostisol levels down in order to release lubrication. Read more

How Birth Control Can Cause UTIs

During the 1950s, the Roman Catholic Church found itself amidst controversy over oral contraceptives. Despite the remonstrance approach by the Pope, men and women found themselves pleased by the ability of oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.
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Side Effects of Fixing Premature Ejaculation using Anesthetic Cream

Certain topical anesthetic creams are used to treat premature ejaculation. Although none of these prescription drugs or over-the-counter anesthetic creams are specifically approved by the Food and Drug Administration, many doctors prescribe these drugs because no specific remedy is available for premature ejaculation. Read more

The Humiliation of Dribbling

Penile Leakage caused by Sexual Exhaustion is unsanitary, unsightly, and downright embarrassing. Why does it happen, and can it be stopped…? Read more


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