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Re-grow Hair by Not Masturbating

An old wives’ tale stated that men who masturbated often grew hair on their palms. Don’t worry about hair growing on your palms—it’s only a myth. Instead, worry about losing your hair. Excessive masturbation can cause the hair follicles to die and increase early onset male baldness.
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Pleasure & Pain - How vaginal over-stimulation can lead to intercourse pain

According to recent research on female sexuality, a great number of women experience pain during sex. They all seem to have certain factors in common with their sexual histories; over-masturbation, over-sex and the use of sex toys such as vibrators. Read more

Erotic Electrostimulation Can Harm Your Sexual Nerves Beyond Your Imagination

To enhance sexual experience, some couples experiment with "electro sex," or electric stimulation of the genitals for erotic pleasure by connecting a muscle stimulator to the penis, clitoris or G-spot. Read more

How Birth Control Can Cause UTIs

During the 1950s, the Roman Catholic Church found itself amidst controversy over oral contraceptives. Despite the remonstrance approach by the Pope, men and women found themselves pleased by the ability of oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.
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A Bladder that Won’t Empty - A painful disorder called Interstitial Cystitis has its aflictees peeing constantly

An unfortunate and persistent condition that primarily affects the bladder, Interstitial Cystitis can afflict anyone, but is most common among women. Also known as “overactive bladder syndrome” the disorder’s symptoms include uncomfortable bladder pressure, and mild to severe bladder and pelvic pain. Read more

Get Rock-Hard Erections with Bitter Melon

Penis shrinkage, loss in erection firmness, and even the total loss of sexual desire are all common side effects caused by age. Aging produces a bevy of ineffectual conditions and diseases; the most common age-related ailment deals with sex. From erectile dysfunction to weak erections, some type of sexual ailment will likely affect most men in their 50s and above.
Is It Hard Yet?
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Symptoms of Over-Masturbation - From eye floaters to back pain, Excessive masturbation has countless consequences!

The list of symptoms for over-masturbation is a long one; eye floaters, difficulty achieving and/or maintaining an erection, premature ejaculation, seminal leakage, swollen or enlarged prostate and/or testes, pain in the groin, a buzzing noise in the ears, incontinency, fuzzy vision, cramps in the lower back and pain in the tailbone, stress, anxiety, fatigue, depression, abnormal loss of hair, low body weight, burning in the urethra during ejaculation or urination, headaches, penile shrinkage, and more… Read more

Improving Your Endurance: Fighting Your Ejaculation Urges

Experienced lovers don’t learn pleasurable techniques over night. Experienced lovers understand sex because they practice and engage in the activity often. Men know what areas to kiss a woman. Women know how to twist and maneuver their bodies to get men moaning. From the proper angle to the right maneuver, experienced lovers know all the tricks.
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Sex Position: The O-Spot

10 percent of women have never reached the blissful peak of an orgasm. If you’re part of that unfortunate few, we hope to change that. While we cannot guarantee one position will have you screaming and moaning, but we can offer some guidance as to some possible reasons for why you incessantly fail to reach your peak. For example, women with vaginal insensitivity, i.e., clitoris and G-spot numbness, cannot experience sensation. While women with health issues, tipped uteruses, vaginal odor or discharge, too seem vexed by the inability to orgasm.
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Masturbation & Mood - How chronic self-stimulation can lead to drastic changes in spirit

People who overextend or exhaust themselves too frequently often find themselves in a state of emotional imbalance. This unfortunate predicament can lead to various inflammations within the body that occur quite unpleasantly, adversely enhanced by irritation and frequent mood swings. Read more


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