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Kegel Exercises: Do They Work for Enlargement?

Increase your penis size with bladder exercises. Sound a bit outlandish? That’s because it is, but according to a few online websites, men can achieve the size they’ve always wanted with a few contractions of the PC muscles. How? Well, even we’re not too sure because according to all the research performed on the method, the exercises may in fact strengthen the pelvic floor muscles but not improve erectile length.

Invention of Kegel Exercises
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Too Much Fun?! - Things You Don’t Know About Over Use of Vibrators

Using vibrators for masturbation is a common topic of conversation among close girlfriends. Many women found vibrator does help them relieve stress and improve her mood especially relieved them from having an obligated sex partner. Read more

Masturbation vs. Concentration - How over masturbation can be the enemy of mental sharpness

A lack of concentration can be the result of countless factors. But it is particularly troublesome when it is caused by sexual exhaustion or the practice of over masturbation. Read more

Is Masturbation Bad? - Debating an age-old Controversy

Whether masturbation is good or bad really depends on how long you can do it without affecting the functions of other organs. Read more

Sex Position: The O-Spot

10 percent of women have never reached the blissful peak of an orgasm. If you’re part of that unfortunate few, we hope to change that. While we cannot guarantee one position will have you screaming and moaning, but we can offer some guidance as to some possible reasons for why you incessantly fail to reach your peak. For example, women with vaginal insensitivity, i.e., clitoris and G-spot numbness, cannot experience sensation. While women with health issues, tipped uteruses, vaginal odor or discharge, too seem vexed by the inability to orgasm.
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22 and Balding: My Experience with Severe Hair Loss

Hair loss: it's not just for the cranky old men who want you to stay off their lawns. In fact, I recently received a letter from a 22-year-old guy who's already feeling the sting of male pattern baldness. Sadly, stories like these are becoming increasingly common in our porn-on-demand generation. After all, chronic masturbation no longer requires any imagination or effort. Just fire up the laptop; perform a web search for “bi-curious Russian nurses in hot tub;” and unzip your pants.
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The Untold Secret About Marijuana That Could Make Men Quit Smoking: Penis Shrinkage

Weed Dick: A type of erectile dysfunction caused by marijuana use. You might not find an entry like that on Webster’s or even Urban Dictionary, but according to High Times, one of the largest pro-weed publications, “weed dick” remains a real, serious side effect of too many 420 sessions. Sure, you’d have to smoke a lot of weed too even begin to see side effects of penile numbness, but over time, men do develop difficulties gaining and maintaining an erection.

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The Inches You Risk Losing From Cigarettes: A Guide to Cigarette-Induced Penis Shrinkage, Impotence and Growth

From the ‘50s to the late ‘90s, the Marlboro Man dominated tobacco ads. He was an icon, a macho man, a fictionalized figure who become the Ronald McDonald of the tobacco industry. The Marlboro Man became so popular, men wanted to mimic his image; women, desired his manliness. But if the Marlboro Man smoked cigarettes as much as the people he marketed to, he may have suffered from
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Coronary thrombosis
  • Cerebral thrombosis
  • High blood pressure
  • Kidney failure
  • Impotence
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When the Clit… Can’t - Dealing with an insensitive clitoris

Some women have it all. Or so it seems. Being attractive, rich, or successful is not an accurate gauge as to how good their sex life is. Nor is how poor or ‘down and dirty’ a woman appears to be. Every woman is an enigma, each a complex mystery unto her own. Read more

Sex Position: Bend Over

As a kid, you never wanted to hear your parents say these two words: “Bend over!” You knew that as soon as they said those two words something painful was about to occur. Ladies, this time your "daddy" will be asking you to Bend Over yet again, but unlike before, you won’t feel any pain, just pleasure. Each spanking from this position should generate stimulation from an angle you’re not accustomed to. So don’t get scared ladies when he asks you to Bend Over.
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