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How Over Masturbation Can Affect Your Memory

Did you know that your masturbatory habits can have an impact on your memory and concentration? Believe it or not, they actually can. Excessive masturbation can lead to a variety of issues, but one of the least discussed symptoms is that of a poor memory and inability to focus or concentrate.

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Penis Enlargement: Learning How to Increase Your Girth

Length gets all the praise, but girth gives a girl more pleasure. Men who seek enlargement solutions, usually find options suited for length. According to reports, most ladies agree: Girth grants more pleasure than length. Why? Because according to most women, girth provides more stimulation than a penis capable of deeper penetration.

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The Benefits of Penis Stretches for Enlargement

In the last few years, the sex-toy industry has ballooned to a 15-billion dollar juggernaut. This small, clandestine industry that once sold products to only the most voyeuristic men and women now sells to everyday moms and dads seeking a bit more excitement in their lives. While most manufactures still sell toys and male enhancement products, an emerging trend remains penile stretches for growth. Everything from books to online videos promise a larger, wider penis. Read more

Jelqing: The Benefits to an Unpopular Technique

We’ve extensively covered Jelqing techniques on our site. We’ve talked about the cons. Reviewed the side effects. And we’ve written and discussed every angle, possible danger and every alternative to Jelqing. But as with every story—there’s always two sides. Sure, we’re not here to backtrack or to defend Jelqing as the cure-all technique for enlargement; we’re here to give our audience some insight into the possible benefits this technique may provide men.

Jelqing Explained
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Lift Your Mood, and Your Libido! - How 5-HTP eases Sexual Dysfunction

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is a derivative of the amino acid, tryptophan, and is an integral precursor in the synthesis of the ever-important neuro-transmitter chemical, Serotonin. Read more

Sex Toy Danger - Cock Ring

Placed around the base of a man’s penis, a cock ring slows the flow of blood to maintain an erection longer. The advantages of a cock ring include longer, harder erections that lead to greater pleasure for a man and his partner. Read more

Vibrators Can Harm, Not Just Pleasure

A vibrator can generate a stimulating source of pleasure. With the click of a button, the vibrator will wiggle and shake until a woman orgasms. Sure, masturbation is healthy, and most people agree, it’s a great source of satisfying sexual urges. While vibrators can serve as a great substitute for a partner, these tiny, often-electric sources of pleasure can have insidious side effects. Vibrators are often mishandled and abused, leading to vaginal, cervical, and clitoris scarring and swelling.

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When He’s Not Up to Anything, not Even His Erection, And You’re Still Unsatisfied

Why is it that some men can’t keep up an erection during sex? Everything seems to be normal; foreplay goes well, he’s erect, you begin congress, and then five minutes into girl-on-top and you’re losing sensation. Quick check, what do we find? He’s half soft! Isn’t being face to face with a sexy woman, going hot and heavy, enough to keep him hard?
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It's Not Your Fault – and Other Foolish Myths of Premature Ejaculation

We judge our own sexual prowess—and by extension, our manhood—by our ability to please our partners. So there's nothing worse than ejaculating as your partner is warming up, getting in the mood or taking off her shirt. Believe it or not, a sizable majority of women prefer it when sex is fun for them, too. Read more

Understanding the Complexities of Penis Shrinkage: A Guide for Every Man

According to Internet memes, life is like a penis. The penis, like life, can be simple and can hang freely, but women make it hard. Okay, both men and women play their equal parts at complicating each other’s lives. And for men, a common complication remains penis size. Men with an average-sized penis might not complain, but when shrinkage occurs—and according to statistics, it will occur to most men--the issue can present plenty of complications, from preventing the performance of certain sex positions to limiting pleasure.

Causes for Penis Shrinkage
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