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Breastfeeding – Good for Your Baby, Bad for Your Sex Drive

So you've given birth to your beautiful bundle of joy, and you're experiencing the unspeakable bliss of motherhood. Breastfeeding is extremely healthy for your newborn because it fulfills all of your baby's most fundamental needs: healthy nourishment and maternal bonding. But what about your needs? Yes, yes, the baby is great, but before you brought your precious angel into the world, you used to have quite the social life of your own. You remember the excitement of having sex with your partner, but lately, the spark just isn't there.
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The Diabolical Dangers of Douching

If you're a typical American woman (or any typical woman for that matter), you're likely familiar with the practice of douching. Maybe you have done it yourself a time or two, or maybe it's even an active part of your ongoing hygiene. Maybe you're even doing it right now as you read this (probably not, but if you are, please wash your hands before closing your browser). There's a lot of debate as to whether or not the practice is safe, but a growing body of evidence suggests that this type of intravaginal cleansing is probably not in your best interest.
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O My God – Five Facts About the Female Orgasm

You need to understand the female orgasm, yes, you. If you're a woman, it will help you to better get in touch with your own body, and it will give you the best chance to achieve maximum sexual bliss. If you're a man, it will help you to better understand a woman's needs. Of course, if you're a gay man, it may not affect your needs directly, but it will help you to better understand Sex and the City. But I digress.
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