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Stimulating Your Sensual Side – How You Can Treat Depression With Sex

The rigors of daily life can really take their toll on a person. You may get so wrapped up in your stresses and responsibilities that you find your brain assuming full control over your body. You go from being a “human being” to a “human doing” because of the overwhelming pressures that tie an anchor to your neck. You're not alone. According to Heathline, severe depression impacts 1 in every 10 Americans, and the number of diagnoses increases by 20 percent every year. Additionally, women are twice as likely as men to suffer from serious depression.
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The Diabolical Dangers of Douching

If you're a typical American woman (or any typical woman for that matter), you're likely familiar with the practice of douching. Maybe you have done it yourself a time or two, or maybe it's even an active part of your ongoing hygiene. Maybe you're even doing it right now as you read this (probably not, but if you are, please wash your hands before closing your browser). There's a lot of debate as to whether or not the practice is safe, but a growing body of evidence suggests that this type of intravaginal cleansing is probably not in your best interest.
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Open for Business – How to Have Great Sex Despite Vaginal Looseness

Vaginal looseness plagues millions of women, and it can be quite embarrassing. It makes sex more difficult for not only you, but also your partner. You've heard the expression “throwing a hot dog down a hallway.” Well that's a bit melodramatic, but we do feel your pain. In fact, some women have spent thousands of dollars on surgeries to tighten themselves up. These surgeries are still largely experimental, and in fact, they're quite unnecessary.
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