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The Pain of Abstaining - Semen retention can have its own consequences

People aren’t commonly aware that the intentional retention of semen can cause symptoms that are just as bad as those from overmasturbation. A possible consequence of quitting masturbation and sex may be noticeable inflammatory pains in the penis and testicles upon arousal. Read more

Girth Versus Length – What Does She Really Prefer?

Here's a debate that you probably won't see on “Meet the Press:” Which is more important for a penis – length or girth? Some guys tend to be short and thick, while other guys are long and narrow.
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Penis Enlargement: Learning How to Increase Your Length

Last year Dr. Roberto Viel, a plastic surgeon specializing in penis enlargement surgeries, performed 200 of these operations, each costing around $8,300. If you’re doing the math, he raked in around 1.6 million dollars. According to Dr. Viel, the number of theses surgeries continues to rise, a trend that demonstrates the high insecurities males hold. 
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Increase Your Size: A Guide for Erectile Enlargement for Men Under 35

Being under 35 lends you several advantages to achieving penis enlargement. From the increased hormone product to the ability to achieve harder erections for longer with more sustained blood. And while some proponents may peg enlargement as some outlandish fairy tale more asinine than Bigfoot, men can achieve natural enlargement without the expensive gimmicks and dangerous stretches marketed on the Internet.
Age Advantage
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No Semen, No Sperm… Know Why. The mystery of Dry Orgasm revealed

There is an unusual sexual occurrence that may be of alarm to men who experience it - an orgasm without the ejaculation of semen. It’s known, appropriately enough, as a “dry orgasm”. Among males who masturbate prior to the changes of puberty, it’s the norm. They are physically unable to produce semen so their orgasms lack ejaculatory fluid. Read more

The Benefits of Penile Exercises

Penile exercises seem like outlandish methods for a man to achieve a larger, wider penis, and while some men do achieve their goals, other methods prove both futile and dangerous. Despite the danger some exercises may present, the methods, when performed with care and with moderation, can increase a man’s penis and supplement all-natural products for the improvement of a man’s size.

Benefits of Exercises
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Age: How Being Over 35 Affects Your Penis Length

At age 40, you will notice several changes encumber your body that your 30-year-old-self neglected to see—weight gain, aging joints, pain throughout your body and a deflated sense of self esteem. Men entering their 40s understand the challenges ahead, but some assume certain issues will never affect their lives—including penis shrinkage.
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Am I Average? The Truth About Penile Girth

It’s not the size of the wand that counts; its the magic in it. Whether its thick or long, what matters is how you use it. Some men can allure their partners with their technique; others, with their stamina. Sure, great endurance and technique make up the ingredients for great sex, but come on, size counts for something, especially width.
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Penis Shrinkage & Masturbation – The FAQs You're Probably Afraid to Ask

It's every guy's worst fear. You wake up one morning, toss your covers to the side, gaze between your legs, and scream in horror.
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Hormonal & Physiological Changes Caused By Over Masturbation

Achieving an orgasm is one of the most pleasurable feelings we experience in our lifetime. For that reason, many men either pursue frequent sexual encounters or masturbate often in lieu of sexual activity. Read more


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