Why Men Love Breasts?

Shirts, bracelets, car decals and even pens revere the phrase, “I love boobies.” People wear the bracelets and shirts as a badge of honor, a symbol for the struggle to find a cure for breast cancer. But aside the noble cause of the phrase, people wear logo because, well, they really love boobs—men especially. Even historians agree: The breast remains the most celebrated body part throughout literature, art, music and television.
It’s no hidden secret that the more voluptuous and perky the breasts, the more enamored men feel about these mammary glands. Women with small breasts, meanwhile, see their cup size as an issue. They look for pills, surgery and even pads to improve the appearance of the breasts, all in the hope of ladies appeasing men’s (and women’s) love for breasts. But what exactly causes all this love of the breasts?
Science Explains…Sort of
Studies try to answer the age-old question: Why do men and women love breasts? One theory states that men love large, perky breasts for one reason: fertility. Men who see big, supple breasts unconsciously see a woman as more fertile than her small-breasted counterpart.
Another theory gets a little weird—and even draws its inspiration from Freud. According to some scientists, men love the breasts because of an attachment and a bond a man shares to his nursing mother. Before you think this bond is an unconscious desire for your sleeping with mom, you’re wrong, Oedipus. No, boys and girls develop a bond with their lactating mothers, and from a child’s infancy, the mother-bond forms a strong tie. This bond, according to studies, carries over from infancy to adulthood, providing a possible explanation for why individuals love breasts.
Boobies may provide a source of pleasure for some—or an area of discomfort and self-conscious for others. Whether its love or hate, the boobs will remain the most revered and celebrated body part.

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