What Is Testicle Torsion?

Testicle torsion happens to one out of 4000 males, 70% of these cases occurring before birth.[1] Testicular torsion occurs if the testes rotates from the spermatic cord that is attached from the testicle to the abdomen. Sometimes, the testicular pain & discomfort are associated with excessive masturbation or injury. If symptoms of sexual exhaustion are simultaneously experienced the problem is due to over masturbation.

There is no point in wasting time thinking that it is going to fix itself. Even if the pains are very infrequent or only associated with masturbation, you should still have them looked at.

Torsion at a Glance
Testicle torsion removes the blood supply to the testicle. Because the spermatic cord becomes twisted, blood cannot reach the testicle. With little blood, the testicles experience pain. The pain an individual can experience will develop in stages. During the early stage, a man can experience the initial discomfort and find it unsettling. The severe stage is accompanied by lower back pain and the pain become unbearable, spreading to the groin.

Untreated testicle torsion might end up cutting off the blood supply to the testicle. Once the testicle is dead it must be removed as prevention to gangrenous infection.

Masturbation & Testicle Torsion
Testicle torsion does not happened during normal masturbation, unless testicles were previously traumatized. Severe pain after ejaculation may accompanied with nausea, prostate, or abdominal pain. Consider taking beneficial herbs and supplements for testicle pain and wellness.

  1. ^Ringdahl E, Teague L. Testicular torsion. Am Fam Physician. Nov 15 2006;74(10):1739-43

What to do

Botanical Remedy For Groin Pain & Testicular Atrophy

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Justin Maigue's picture
Justin Maigue posted on Wed, 06/05/2013 - 12:34
Will they be able to tell if you have testicular torsion at birth? I would much rather have my parents take care of this problem instead of me having to deal with it as an older man and feel the pain.
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