What To Do When Your Prostate Causes Premature Ejaculation Issues

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John rose from his desk and went to the employee men’s room for the eighth time just in the same morning. He felt as though his co-workers were now eye-balling him suspiciously for having to take so many trips to the bathroom. He walked into the restroom and then up to a urinal as he unzipped his fly, thinking about the hot, young, new temp who worked in one of the adjoining offices.
“Arrrgh,” he grunted as he started to urinate. Every other time he peed it had burned, making him wince. He always wore protection during sexual intercourse and so eliminated the chance that it could be an STD.
John wrapped things up and shambled up to the mirror, looking hard at himself…he looked burned out. Could it have to do with the fact that he worked too much, or didn’t get enough sleep? He wondered…he also considered that it could be due to the fact that he jacked-off every morning thinking about the hot temp and what he wanted to do with her.
The Proof is in the Pudding – or Rather Semen
Soon, John got his chance. He and the temp had been ogling each other for a few days and engaged in some flirty talk. One day they wound up kissing in an elevator and then rushing to a storage closet after making sure the coast was clear. After quickly pulling down his pants and lifting up her shirt, he looked down at his member. Why wasn’t it all the way hard once again?
He plunged in and out of her for about 2 minutes and then splooged all over her rear end. He figured that she hadn’t been that impressed with the duration of their little sexual encounter but he told her that he climaxed quickly so that they wouldn’t get busted. They made plans to meet after work the next day.
She came over to John’s bachelor pad the next evening and they proceeded to have sex again, this time in his bed. He couldn’t even get his penis hard enough to enter her. She grabbed her clothes and dashed for the door, and from then on his work environment suffered for the worse because of his sexual failure.
Mysterious Reasons
Men who over-masturbate can be clueless as to why they experience symptoms similar to John’s. That is because many of them don’t understand their bodies that well. Every time a man ejaculates, his semen carries with it several inflammatory factors (such as 19-hydroxy prostaglandin E2, cytokines, and polyamines) which facilitate its transfer through his ejaculation tract. Too much climaxing can begin to wear out this tract’s tissues and never endings.

And for men who fail to understand their bodies, like John, can find themselves worried about constant prostate growth and prostate-related issues, can find answers and tips to common questions that the Herballove community can assist with, including:  

Inflammation within a man’s body can cause abnormal cell growth within his prostate as well as damage the parasympathetic nervous system. When this happens, he can experience soft erections, constant urges to urinate (prostatitis), painful urination, and the inability to hold back his ejaculations (parasympathetic nerve damage).
This can lead to difficulties all throughout the day such as in John’s case where he had to go to the bathroom all the time. And can you imagine having to commute home while feeling the intense urge to constantly take a leak? Talk about in convenient. Not to mention that all of this can bring one’s sex life to a screeching halt because of a man not being able to maintain, and in some cases, even produce one. Doesn’t sound too fun, does it? Luckily it’s not all doom & gloom...
Repairing Prostate Punishment
If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, try giving your body a rest. Yes: That means putting away your penis for a while in order to give it the opportunity to heal up. We’re only talking a few weeks here, enough time to take care of those unwanted symptoms.
Men who’d like to accelerate their healing process should consider taking a prostate health formula. (SEE: Prostate Enlargement Health Formula) These can not only help to rebuild the parasympathetic nervous system, but also can cleanse the prostate. This can lead to having morning erections once again, firm, longer lasting erections during hanky-panky time, and the ability to climax when you want to.
These formulas can also put an end to not being able to start urinating, problems emptying the bladder fully, burning urination, and dribbling urine post urination (which is also fairly unsanitary and potentially embarrassing).
All of these factors promote prostate health as well as a return to a fuller sex life, and since these solutions are all-natural, the only side effects you’ll experience are firmer erections and a boosted libido, so go for it!

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