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When having sexual intercourse, a firm erection is an obvious must have. Men who are impotent already know how hazardous erectile dysfunction can have on a person’s confidence and sexual life. However, what is more frustrating is being able to achieve an erection and not being able to use it and enjoy it. This phenomenon is very common and manifests itself in the form of a weak erection; when the penis is engorged with blood but not enough for pleasurable intercourse.

A weak erection is caused by an insufficient blood flow to the penile sponge-like tissues. The chambers in the penis that expand and hold blood in the penis may not be getting the necessary blood flow This can be due to a variety of factors that cause the arteries and veins to constrict and reduce blood flow. Notably, smoking and a high fat diet contribute to reduction of blood flow. Or, venous leaking brought on by a penile injury can cause a weak erection.

A weak erection is unpleasing because it is not hard enough to provide adequate stimulation to the female not to mention damage self-esteem and confidence. A weak erection can also cause anxiety that can lead to premature ejaculation. Weak erections are also physically responsible for premature ejaculation because a man suffering from this condition will often contract the PC muscles in order to aid in engorging his erection. By doing so, the man will subject added pressure and stress on the prostate gland. The added workload on the prostate will mimic orgasmic contractions and precum will lubricate the urethra, signifying the inevitable ejaculation.

If a weak erection is not addressed it can ultimately lead to impotency.

There are many ways to combat a weak erection. A man can take herbal remedy that may improve the blood flow to his penis so that his erections will once again be hard. Herbal remedy may also improve his control, size, and the girth of his penis. He can also learn combinations of techniques that he can use to strengthen his penis and improve his ejaculation control so that he will last longer.

One combination of techniques is the Harmonic Qi Gong and Taoist's Natural Ejaculation Control Technique. Both techniques allow one to prevent ejaculation but highly excite his partner. Using these techniques will bring pleasure to a woman even though a man might not have a hard enough erection to do so. After all, sexual pleasure comes more from intimacy and technique instead of aesthetics like a hard penis.

On a side note, if the male is taking any medications such as depression medication, that may be a contribution for his weak erection. Illegal drug usage such as marijuana smoking can cause weak erection and impotence.

What to do

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Newton NA posted on Thu, 06/06/2013 - 12:25
Having a weak erection would be really crucial to a mans confidence because that is one of the biggest sex boosters they have. If they can't do that then what will they be able to do? Nothing and that is a horrible effect to the erection and the confidence.
"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says, 'I'm possible.'" - Audrey Hepburn
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rickeythompson posted on Thu, 06/22/2017 - 05:46
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