Unhealthy Sperm Preventing a Happy Family

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Today, infertility affects up to 25 percent of couples of reproductive age. That means 1 in 5 couples are unable to have the children they desire. Furthermore, about 35 percent of all males are subfertile, meaning their sperm are either slow or unfit for travel inside the vagina. 
As a woman, it’s worrisome to hear these statistics. Traditionally, females bare the blame for barrenness, but more and more evidence points to the male being at fault in these cases. 
Couples often wed expecting children from their union. The absence of kids due to infertility can cause a strain on the relationship. If the couple go on to have fertility testing, and the man is found to be the one with the procreation issues, some women would consider that grounds for divorce. But even if the couple endures this painful discovery, a woman may inseminate with the sperm of another male, causing displeasure among her husband. 
Causes of Unhealthy Sperm
When sperm enter the vagina, they venture into a harsh environment. Vaginal acidity can kill off weak sperm, while the duration of the swim before reaching the egg can be a grueling gauntlet for sperm. A majority of individuals even assume that the fastest sperm to the egg will lead to fertilization, but science proves differently. The first sperm often die on their way toward the egg. 
The lengthy duration inside the vagina can prove dangerous to slow-moving sperm. As mentioned earlier, it’s a struggle for a sperm to penetrate and fertilize an egg. Sperm that spend too long inside the vagina will be killed off by the acidity, making their speed vital to their survival
Meanwhile, an unhealthy prostate may be unable to create enough alkaline seminal fluid to neutralize the acidic environment in the vagina, resulting in the destruction of some of the sperm. Sperm without prostatic fluid can permeate the egg, but the acidic environment of the vagina may alter the genetic information contained in the sperm. 
Strengthen in numbers too can play a factor in fertility. High sperm counts can improve chances of fertility. And while males may ejaculate normally, analysis will indicate fewer sperm will greatly lower the risk of fertilization. 
Herbal Fertility Aid
Fortunately, certain herbs are known to help with sperm count and with creating better prostatic fluid for the conveyance of sperm. Curculigo Orchioides, for example, aids in sperm production, while Fo Ti contains an anti-inflammatory property to sooth overtaxed testes and increase sperm production.

Panax Ginseng, meanwhile, contains adaptogens, which allow a male to adapt to stressful situations. Surprisingly, even Sea Cucumber extract has an impact on fertility. 
Together these herbs provide a vital ingredient for the improvement of sperm health. Do not suffer with fertility issues any longer, get help now!

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