Understanding Penis Pumps: FAQs for the Common Man

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  1. How Penis Pumps Work 
  2. Dangers of Using Penis Pumps
  3. Treatment for Pump-Related Injuries
  4. Solutions for Length and Girth Enlargement.
  5. A Beginner's Guide to Penis Enlargement.
Ask any man what he could change about his body, and the top-three answers will appear something like this:

1. His height
2. His hair
3. His penis size

Throughout history, men have tried to solve options two and three—so far—no luck. The ancient Egyptians used crude weight sets to stretch their penises; the men of the Renaissance age used codpieces, armor-like devices that encased and stretched the penis. And men of today, well, men of today may have tried, heard and even researched some type of penile enhancement device, supplement or technique. Despite the assortment of pills, exercises and devices on the market, penis pumps remain one of the most popular and well-known methods for enlargement.
The popularity of pumps have launched businesses, started penis pump review sites, and even fueled the 15-billion dollar sex-toy industry. And within every forum, across each health board and nestled in each inbox of medical pundit, the same question continues to appear: “Do penis pumps even work?”
How They Work—or Don’t
Penis pumps still remain effective treatment options for erectile dysfunction. But somewhere, some business owner or marketing expert decided to take the common advantages of penis pumps, such as improving erectile strength and minimizing erectile dysfunction, and promote the device as an enhancement option.
The devices contained basic parts—a pump, a vacuum, a release value (the safe devices at least) and a tube for the penis to fit inside of. When men place the device over their penises, the pump squeezes air that presses against tissue to redirect blood toward a penis. Once erect, men can remove the pump and continue with intercourse.
While pumps do an excellent job at improving erectile strength, little evidence proves these products can even enhance the length of a penis. Why? The redirection of blood toward one area of the penis does not explain how the penile tissue experiences expansion. More importantly, more blood toward one area does not cause the tissue to expand over time.

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  • Do you take any medications?
  • Have you noticed any bruising around your penis?
  • Do you experience sensitivity issues because of the bruises?
  • What does your diet consist of?
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Dangers Caused By Extended Use of Penis Pumps

Pumps provide an effective means for erectile dysfunction, but even for men with E.D., pumps can lead to the following injuries:
  1. Bruised tissue
  2. Damaged nerve endings
  3. Ruptured blood vessels
  4. Impotence
  5. Penis Shrinkage
Treatment for Injuries
While injuries remain commonplace for men who use pumps, treatment for these issues continues as a scarcity. Men who notice injuries will benefit from formulas that heal tissue while providing nutrients to the bruised tissue. For example, Penile Injury & Nerve Rejuvenation Solution helps
1. Repair penile injuries caused by penis pumps
2. Heal blood vessel ruptures
3. Dissolve scar tissues developed after injuries
Men who habitually take these supplements will notice an improvement to sensation and erectile strength.
Resolution for Enlargement
Men who have avoided using pumps may have been spared from the humiliation of combating injuries and impotence, but still remain with on nagging question: “How do I achieve penis enlargement?”
Men have two options: girth or length enlargement. As with any supplements taken, men who habitually take the product, exercise the right lifestyle habits and engage in health activities do see noticeable differences to their size. Men who seek a longer length have benefited from
Botanical Concoction for Penile Tissue Rejuvenation & Growth that
  • Adds inches to current length and width
  • Enhances blood circulation and nitric oxide levels for a longer erection
Men who want a thicker width (girth) have benefited from
Natural Penile Chamber Growth & Enlargement that
  • Increases growth factors for the penile chamber
  • Improves the number of penile chamber tissue, an issue essential for holding more blood
Men who wish to gain a larger size should be wise to avoid penile pumps, and instead focus their efforts on other means of enlargement. While no method for enlargement remains perfect, the pros and cons of trying more risky techniques, like penis pumps, seem to favor harmless solutions like supplements. 

What to do

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Dark posted on Sun, 12/14/2014 - 15:17
Penis Pumps generally are not a viable option, but one I have used, called the Bathmate, has really reinvigorated this preconceived notion. Unlike most pumps, this one uses water instead of air and uses a hydralyics system rather than manual pumping (although recent model's have encouraged both methods similutaneously while still being safe to use) 

The point is, if you are going to be using penis pumps as an option, make sure you get the right one. And most importantly, more pumping does not mean more expansion. if you follow the insturctions, give yourself an adequate amount of time to rest and take the supplements from this site that deal with enlarement, you'll see results in no time.
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petermark posted on Thu, 11/17/2016 - 11:46
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All the best have a great day
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