The Two Week Period Crisis: Dealing With The Side Effects of Birth Control

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The first month I was ever on birth control was an absolute nightmare, and that's putting it very mildly . Within the first three weeks of taking the pill, my head was constantly pounding, I always felt weak and dizzy, and I had somehow developed these sharp-stabbing pains at the base of my neck. Needless to say, I was beyond miserable. I dreaded having to take my pill every day, because I knew I would be feeling like a hot mess within the hour.
The Liver Override
The dizzy spells and sharp pains were rough, but in retrospect that was a cake walk compared with the periods that never seemed to end. The first period I experienced while taking birth control lasted just under three weeks. By the middle of week two, I was convinced I was going to die due to losing nearly a gallon of my life's blood!
Luckily, that is not what ended up happening. By the end of week two of what I now refer to as, “Period Gate,” I had had enough. I scheduled an appointment with my gynecologist and stopped taking my pills all together.

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The Detox Process
My doctor explained that I had been given a dosage of oral contraception that was very high, and my body was not responding to it well. I declined a prescription for a lesser dosage, and went back to love gloves for the duration of two years. During this time, my liver was able to sufficiently detoxify my entire body of the harmful toxins that came along with that strong birth control.
The next time I started taking birth control went a lot better. Not only was my system completely void of the previous hormones, I was also fully developed both physically and mentally. I no longer had to worry about randomly passing out at work after downing a tiny pill. The neck pain and cramping were gone too.
However, there was a residual symptom of the old birth control that tagged along to my new set of pills. For some reason I couldn't stop the bleeding. Of course, this time the bleeding was much less and fewer and farther between periods...But it was still annoying me.
Liver Works
After some research, I found that the way birth control is able to work is by tricking the mind. The pill is made up of high doses of synthetic female hormones, estrogen and progesterone. The mind recognizes this surge of hormones as pregnancy, and once the brain is fully convinced that you are with child, it will send a message to the ovarian function to shut down.
The problem with this is, after the synthetic hormones have done their job, the liver needs to expel them from the body. With such a high level of fake hormones, the liver is unable to keep up with its work flow. Subsequently, things get backed up big time. This is what causes spotting or full on bleeding between periods.
Fixing It Fast
Many women, including myself, have greatly benefited from taking the natural relief formula staring Chasteberry. (TRY: Herbal Solution for Menstrual Cycle Regulation) When combined with other natural herbs such as Mexican Wild Yam, the chasteberry will increase the level of progesterone in order to balance out the proper ovarian hormones.

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