Stress: The Cause of Your Penis Shrinkage

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By Richard Bonilla

Three types of stress factors exist: the good, the bad and the scary kind. Stress, in small, healthy dosages, exists to allow the body to cope with everyday activities (this is the good kind of stress). Chronic, pull-your-hair-out stress (the bad kind), can cause digestive, immune and reproductive systems to malfunction. And finally, stress that shrinks your penis (if you’ve been keeping score, this would be the scary kind) caused by incessant worry and fear can demoralizes a man into feeling he’s the sad owner of a toddler penis.
According to studies, stress, both chronic and what we call “the scary type” of stress, can pose a serious danger to your physical and mental health. Both types can alter chemical makeup of the brain and lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, anxiety disorders, and you guessed it—penis shrinkage.
Normal Side Effects of Chronic Stress
Work, school, family and money can all lead to chronic stress. Newborns can elevate the stress levels experienced by new fathers. Work-related duties can place a mental strain on men, and even money issues can create a source of constant worry. Men who experience prolonged levels of stress will notice changes in their bodies. According to studies, 30 percent of men with fertility problems attribute the issue to stress. Aside from the occasional bout of fertility, men with chronic stress can experience the following:
  • Agitation
  • Increased abdominal fat from the elevated levels of cortisol stored in the body
  • Heightened anxiety
  • High blood pressure and higher risk of heart disease
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  • What is the cause of your stress?
  • How do you reduce stress? Exercise? Sex? Drugs? Alcohol?
  • How many hours of sleep do you get a night?
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How Shrinkage Occurs
Chronic stress increases the likelihood of heart disease and high blood pressure. Both diseases occur because capillaries start to close, a direct effect from too much stress. These small funnels that redirect blood experience more pressure the tighter they become. With constrictions to the capillaries, the penis cannot gain the necessary blood required to maintain an erection. Each time you try to gain an erection, the following occurs:
  • The reduced blood flow causes a weaker, smaller erection.
  • Without the necessary blood reaching the penis, nutrients and chemicals that maintain size become lost.
Finding a Solution
For men with high stress levels, reducing the stress seems to point to the obvious solution. While you might reduce stress, you’re still left with an unbearably small penis. Men who take ViaPal-hGH-J Penile Enlargement & Hardness For The Active Lifestyle can start to see
  • Reduced signs of erectile dysfunction from stress
  • Improved penile tissue growth damaged by age
  • Increased levels of dopamine, serotonin and acetylcholine altered by stress
Men serious about recovery will respect their bodies and reduce their stress levels to gain their erections back to their original state.

What to do

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