The Story of Chance—A First-Person Account on Penis Size Issues

Anybody ever tell you size doesn’t matter? The size of your phone doesn’t matter. The size of your watch doesn’t matter. But the size of your penis—oh ya, it matters. Sexting, Snapchat and video calls, continue to expose guys with little “John Johns” more and more. Every. Single. Day. If you were born with an umm…less than appealing size, it’s not your fault. [Learn how individuals increase their length.]

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Summary: Chance had a small penis, and he hated it. Now, Chance decides to try penile enlargement techniques to boost his size. Find out how Chance improved his size and how you can regain your small stature too.
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Take my old friend from high school. For the sake of conversation, let’s call him Chance. Now Chance was blessed with length, not width.  In fact, he was pretty thin where it mattered most. So one day during class, a girl dropped her pencil--on Chance’s lap. Now this pencil was an average sized, think of it as a bit thicker than a noddle. Instead of asking Chance to hand her pencil over, she took initiative and reached over to grab it. Instead of touching her pencil, she got a handful of Chance’s thin penis.

Did You Know?

According to Psychology Today survey, “Ninety-percent of the surveyed women responded that the thickness of a penis was a more important elicitor of pleasure.”  Find out how enhancement can be accomplished.  
And being high school, the rumors spread. Social media networks were “tagging” Chance in pictures with the hashtag “NoodleDick.” And so was born his newfound nickname. He was teased. Girls laughed. The boys laughed even harder. And Chance’s high school reputation was tainted. 
Oh, Hey Little Guy.
Men are self-conscious species—focused on great looks, tough attitudes and big, you know…size. Men, like Chance, always worry about their width. They fear it will be too small or too thin. They worry about it being too hairy or not hairy enough. For men, size matters.

But for women, size matters too, but how it’s used matters more. Just remember, it’s not the size of the wand that counts, it’s the magic in it.
Maybe you are a Chance, or maybe you know a Chance? Whatever the situation, natural methods can help improve size. How does it work, exactly? The formula contains all-natural ingredients that improve blood flow and promote penile chamber expansion for a wider growth. Ingredients such as:
  • Cistanche
  • Codonopsis Pilosula
  • Epimedium
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • Morinda
  • Pinellia
  • Schisandra 
Provide the body with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that improve blood circulation, increase nitric oxide production and enhance intra-cavernosal pressure to help men achieve a wider and fuller erection.  
I told Chance about it, and it has done wonders for him. If you feel self-conscious about your size, it’s time to take action.

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HaloHope's picture
HaloHope posted on Tue, 06/03/2014 - 10:13
I have a strong belief that the size of everything does matter. Chance had his life change because of one girl said about his penis. It is really sad that she was able to realize all of this. He should have defended himself and told her, "are you sure about that? Do you want to see it for yourself?"
viviennie's picture
viviennie posted on Fri, 06/06/2014 - 12:27
I believe that men are self-conscious but with the entire situation of Chance, I think that people made him even more self-conscious than before. If only there was someone to tell him that he can do something and comfort him it would have made matters a little better. I know women think size matters, but give the guy a chance. Tell him there's room for improvement.
Gavin Durex's picture
Gavin Durex posted on Tue, 06/24/2014 - 09:56
It's never too late to grow in size. Chance still has a chance to grow and make women in his life satisfied. He will not only be able to keep them satisfied but hers such as Cistanche and Horny Goat Weed will make him studdlier than any guy he went to high school with.
Christopher Watkins's picture
Christopher Watkins posted on Thu, 07/24/2014 - 15:28
Oh man guys if you think that Chance had it bad listen to this! A few months ago, I took a lengthy vacation down to Costa Rica for 10 days. I had been working too hard and needed a break (plus a chance to check out some fat booties!) Well after getting set up in my hotel, a bought a pair of speedo-type swimming trunks because that’s what I hear gets the most attention.

Now I’m not some black Mandingo guy, we’re talking 5 inches in length (which I hear is average) but the width is kind of lacking. So in other words I have a thin penis.

Anyway, I made my way down to the beach and started scanning for fat booty girls and noticed a whole bunch of them playing beach volleyball. There were a couple of guys but they outnumbered the men 4 to 1. I jumped in and started playing and was having fun until one of the girls thought it would be cute to give me a nickname. She looked dead at my package and called me “pequeno” which I learned means “tiny” in English.

After that I was the victim of constant teasing and heckling every time I walked onto the beach; I guess word had spread. I had to relocate to a different hotel for the remainder of the entire trip! What a bummer…thinking about trying this solution big time.
Dorthea Emerson's picture
Dorthea Emerson posted on Thu, 07/24/2014 - 15:39
Very interesting. I am a 26 year-old woman who has been in the military for 5 years. I’ve had my boyfriend for the last 2 years, and just when we started to really click and have mind-blowing, fantastic sex, I had to go overseas.

Surprisingly, I remained faithful to him (mostly) and when I came back we were like a couple of bunny rabbits at the airport (he almost got fired from work for picking me up, tee-hee). Later that night, which was just a couple of weeks ago, we started getting all buck-nasty and he commenced to drilling me. Well, I had hoped he would drill me but all I ended up with was feeling like there was a tiny electric toothbrush down there. His penis had shrunk!

I didn’t want to tell him the truth but I was sure disappointed. He told me he had been masturbating every day since I’d been gone and through reading cases on this website I put 2 and 2 together: Over masturbation shriveled his c*ck. We’re going to get this and try it out…hopefully it will work! 
Pete Alexander's picture
Pete Alexander posted on Thu, 07/24/2014 - 16:24
I had exactly the same problem! I had been with a girl for a few months and we had seriously wild sex during that time. Then some friends caught her at the mall holding some guy’s hand which turned out to be her ex. When I confronted her about it she flatly denied it, even though our mutual friends had nothing to gain by reporting what they had seen.

Long story short, I guess I’m kind of a p*ssy because I got back with her (she swears she doesn’t see her ex anymore). She can be pretty bitchy and bossy but oh well she’s good in bed. Anyway it has been 2 years since we had had sex, and she immediately complained about me being smaller, penis-size wise. During those 2 years I have been whacking off like there was no tomorrow and so I know that was the culprit.

After taking this Natural Penile Enlargement formula I am happy to report that my penis has grown a full 1” inch in 4 months! I can’t believe it. My girlfriend was thinking about getting back with her ex but now that my penis is growing she says she’ll stay since I give her lots of orgasms! Thanks!
dainaernest87's picture
dainaernest87 posted on Wed, 02/01/2017 - 06:45
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