Stopping Women from Cheating

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The common zeitgeist is men cheat. They cheat often and they cheat because, well, they’re men, they are programmed to cheat. Not so fast ladies, humans—both males and females—commit infidelity. Yes, men engage in extra-marital affairs with higher frequency, but according to recent reports, ladies are starting to cheat more often than men.

Why? Several reasons contribute to a woman’s unfaithfulness, but unlike men, females cheat for far different reasons: lack of companionship, poor communication and a loss of love. Men who worry their partners will stray may want to practice these tips for keeping their ladies faithful.
Keep Her Satisfied: Ladies, like men, enjoy satisfaction. When females lack that physical and emotional satisfaction, they’re more likely to cheat. Alpha women, dominate ladies who hold power and immense physical beauty, require constant satisfaction—both sexually and physically.
Give Her Attention: Some ladies seek attention from other men. Why? The attention reassures a woman’s beauty and quells insecurities a girl may feel. Ladies who lack the attention will seek it from others. Your paying attention to her or entrusting close male relatives and friends will provide the attention she seeks. Why would you have close friends give her attention, exactly? Well, close male friends are less likely to engage in an affair with your lady, and the attention your male friends and relatives provide her will prove beneficial.
Provide Excitement: Ladies need excitement, and when they lose the same thrills as before, they tend to look elsewhere. Keep her happy and excited with new activities and hobbies.
Pleasure: After years of being with a woman, the pleasure of your sex life can be dull. Try new positions and activities to assure she remains well satisfied in the bedroom.


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