The Spray Factor: Ejaculation Doesn’t Only Come from Males

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Female ejaculation. We’re talking about the juicy fluid you emit with orgasm. You know, when sex feels so good you can’t stop yourself. It’s not urine, and it’s not water. Instead, it is the equivalent of male ejaculation and is accepted as perfectly normal.
The Girl Who Wanted to Ejaculate
Olivia is a 29 year-old woman determined to ejaculate with each orgasm. She does just that, especially when her husband performs oral sex. “You might say he’s enamored with my ability to ejaculate,” she laughs. “It’s a huge turn-on for us both.
Don’t get the wrong idea – Olivia’s attitude toward sex wasn’t always so unguarded. When younger, she believed sex was all about male pleasure. Then she met a woman who changed her mind.
“I had a roommate who released fluid each time she came,” Olivia explains. “She was very open about her love of sex, and the handful of partners she had in college loved being with her. When I finally asked her secret, she said the force of her orgasms made her want to make love around the clock. She described them as ‘mind-blowing, rocket-launching’ experiences with ‘lots of wetness that pours from me.”
Like any smart girl, Olivia wanted the same pleasure for herself. She was resourceful enough to do private research and discovered most women ejaculate with orgasm, although not all are aware of it. She also learned the amount of ejaculation depends on the woman herself and the intensity of her orgasm. So, armed with some reading material and a few sex toys, Olivia taught herself to ejaculate.
“The first time it happened, I felt so free. My orgasm was more powerful than ever before. I could feel my muscles clenching and unclenching as fluid oozed out of me. My heart raced, my mind swirled and my body felt absolutely delicious. Even today, it is still the best feeling.”

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You Can Teach Yourself
A lot of people believe that to expel your own fluid, you need G-spot stimulation. But this isn’t true. What you do need is to be completely relaxed and aroused. If you want to practice on your own, feel free. Then you can surprise your partner with your newfound ability – some men find female ejaculate very attractive.
Because most women orgasm from attention to their clits, you can start there. A vibrator or other sex toys will help you customize your experience, and these devices are designed to make you come. Also use lube – the stimulation feels much better, and it’s easier to explore your body when you’re wet.
Begin touching yourself and find the pace and technique you most enjoy. Just when you feel you’re about to orgasm – when you can’t take another moment of pleasure – tighten your pelvic muscles. This is especially important if you enjoy insertion during clit play. Tightening helps build to a more explosive orgasm. Then, as you reach climax, push out. Most women pull in with orgasm, but you want to push and expel the fluid inside you. It might take a few tries, but you’ll get it right.
If You Want a Solution for Female Ejaculation
Not all women enjoy their natural ability to ejaculate. Some feel embarrassed, while others feel somehow less feminine. We completely understand and recommend you take an herbal tincture designed to control vaginal discharge. (TRY: Natural Herbal Tincture for Discharge Control) Tinctures have been used for centuries and combine the healing effects of herbs with the potency of alcohol. Those made with ingredients like Dong Quai normalize fluid levels, meaning your ejaculation will be noticeably less.

What to do

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