Spotting Her Erogenous Zones

Men think they know the right areas to kiss, lick and suck to pleasure a woman. Sure, the kissing of the clitoris can excite a woman, while the sucking of her breasts can appeal to her too. But aside from the breasts or the clitoris, men should kiss and suck these erogenous areas to excite a woman.
Where to Kiss
  • The Wrists: As asinine as this area sounds, the wrists provide plenty of pleasure to a woman. The wrists include hundreds of nerve endings that make for the perfect kiss or light graze. Use your fingers to tickle her wrists while you kiss her neck.
  • The Eyes: You may not be kissing the eyes, but you should be peering into them with an unimpeded glance. Right before sex, seducing your lady with your eyes will surely excite her. Meanwhile, kissing her eyelids will further her excitement levels.
  • The Neck: Many men know that the neck, especially when kissed or licked, sends goosebumps across a woman’s body. A few nibbles and kisses can generate plenty of excitement.
  • The Toes: Males with foot fetishes will prowl to a woman’s feet first chance they get. For lads not so inclined to explore her arches should. A few kisses and sucks will generate plenty of excitement.
  • The Spine: Ok, you’re not going to tell her, “Let me kiss your spine, babe.” Umm, a little bit of a turn off. But you will need to remove her pants, the ideal opportunity to kiss her and lick her spine.


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