Show the Vagina a Little Love: Knowledge of This Organ is the Only Way a Woman Can Prevent Painful Bacterial Infections

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The vagina is designed to run like a well-oiled machine – nearly maintenance-free and self-sufficient. It is a vessel of pleasure during sex and, on any given day, expels toxins from the body. But just as a machine can succumb to wear and tear, so too can the vagina fall prey to infection and bacteria overgrowth.

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All You Need to Know About the Vagina
Like most women, Kimberly didn’t give much thought to her vagina. She practiced careful hygiene habits and kept the outer skin moisturized. Nothing more, nothing less.
“The one thing I knew about my vagina was that I didn’t want it to smell,” Kimberly says. “Boys in high school made jokes about girls who didn’t keep themselves clean. I definitely didn’t want to be one of them, so I went to great lengths to ensure my privates were as fresh as possible.”
Kimberly didn’t understand all the feminine products in the world don’t protect against infection – the one source for most vaginal odors. Yeast infections, for instance, produce strong odors and thick discharge. Sound hygiene is important, but the vagina must be cared for in other ways, too, despite its machine-like efficiency.
“Many females are so consumed by the idea of cleanliness they ignore other aspects of their bodies,” Kimberly agrees. “When I began experiencing abdominal pain and burning while peeing, I realized vaginal health is an issue that receives far too little attention. The focus doesn’t need to be on body sprays and soaps – it needs to be on a whole regimen that allows the vagina to run smoothly.”
When Things Go Wrong
Kimberly’s symptoms were those of a urinary tract infection (UTI), which she began to experience with regular frequency. She fell into a routine that baffled and worried her: she went to the doctor, received antibiotics, followed the medication’s instruction, and felt temporary relief. But the UTI always came back – even when Kimberly was certain she had done everything right.
“Neither my doctor nor I could find the source of my recurring infections,” Kimberly explains. “I finally went to a gynecologist who discovered my hormone levels were off the charts. She blamed this on excessive masturbation.”
As a teenager, Kimberly had discovered the joys of masturbation while reading a book. She began engaging once a day every day, and as an adult increased her frequency to twice daily. When kept in check, masturbation gives the freedom of sexual exploration. But over-indulgence leads to health problems, of which most people know nothing.
“During sexual activity, hormones flood the body and produce feelings of pleasure,” Kimberly says. “One of those hormones is prostaglandin E-2. Although this chemical is critical to sexual enjoyment, it is also associated with pain and inflammation. A high quantity begins to change some of the body’s natural responses.”
One of those responses deals with healthy urination. Because prostaglandin E-2 is associated with inflammation, its presence in urethral tissue can suppress the release of urine. This fluid then sits in the bladder and leads to painful urinary tract infections.
An Herbal Solution
Kimberly stopped taking antibiotics and sought a more natural remedy with herbs. Herbs restore balance to the body and provide relief from a variety of symptoms. An ideal blend for UTIs is Femme Recovery & Immune Enhancement Formula. It contains such herbs as Berberis Vulgaris and Maca known to stop inflammation and reduce alkalinity in urine. Women with recurring UTIs also need to flush their systems with water and refrain from excessive masturbation.

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Femme Recovery & Immune Enhancement Formula

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