She Is Really Frustrated With Your Small Size Penis - But She Does Not Want To Hurt Your Ego

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When prince Paris of Troy secretly sailed off with Queen Helena of Sparta, the Greeks vowed revenge for prince’s betrayal. The Spartans would gather their forces and sail toward Troy, waging a war that would last 10 years, inspire countless tales, and even serve as the inspiration for Homer’s the Iliad.

The war would end with a peace offering—a Trojan horse filled with Greek soldiers. According to some historians, though, the Trojan horse may not have ever existed—and even the war itself has come into question. People attribute the Trojan horse as one of the biggest lies ever told in history. But we beg to differ. The biggest everyday lie ever told: “Your penis size is not an issue.” If you think it’s an issue, well, it’s a problem. It prevents you from accomplishing certain positions. It keeps your partner from experiencing better pleasure. It even ruins your self-esteem.

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I have 6-inch dick. But my wife can't orgasm even with my average sized erected fully. Is my size an issue? 
>How can I increase the thickness of my dick to become more like a "D" size battery? [Cam Anderson]
Right now I feel like im in between a "C" and "AA" battery. Please help me...

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Understand Her Frustrations
Women will eschew telling a man that he has a small penis. Why? Women do not want to hurt a man’s ego. Some women feel sorry for men, and do not wish to add to his humiliation. When a man asks if his size is okay, most women lie and say it’s not the size she cares about. Read the following info and find out what most women think when come to size:
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Other’s feel the size can make for less-than-memorable sex. While a man may have big muscles, a handsome face, and a super-model-like body, a small penis will make for even boring, uninteresting sex. Men looking to please their partners will try to improve their situation by attempting any type of enlargement technique or product for growth. 

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