Sex Position: Watching The Sunset

You’ve all seen that cliché scene in romantic movies: The man hugs the woman while they sit and enjoy a sunset. After their romantic evening, they drink a bit of wine, share a passionate kiss and…. You know how it ends. Yes it’s cliché, but it’s that hug during the sunset scene that provides the inspiration for this romantic, pleasing sex position. So men, grab a chair and prepare to watch the sunset on this romantic evening.  
Why She’ll Love It:
You’ve never watched a sunset like this! With both hands free, ladies will enjoy the option to massage their bodies, i.e., the clitoris or the breasts, while males provide an intimate hug. This position may not create the deepest or tightest penetration, but it will allow for an intense position designed for bonding. Ladies who want males to hug and to hold them will enjoy the potential of Watching The Sunset.
Why He’ll Love It:
Touch communicates emotion, and while Watching The Sunset, males will enjoy a close bond with their partners. They’ll hug and squeeze a woman while thrusting up and down. Men, if you need a small breather during positions, ask her to watch the sunset with you.
About This Position
Sex Position Number: 316
Difficulty: Novice
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her: Medium
Not Suitable For: Weak Erection
Other Positions You May Like: Chocolate Sundae
Ideal Penis Size: 5 inches +
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Low


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