Sex Position: Walk The Line

Ladies, prepare to Walk The Line in this tight, intense sex position. You might be a bit inebriated, but that’s okay, you won’t need to pass a sobriety test. You will, however, need to maintain your balance, so if you feel the room spinning, don’t try this position. If you’re not too intoxicated, Walk The Line will give you a blend of tight, fast strokes.
Men, you’ll remain on the bottom. Ladies, you’ll climb on top and achieve penetration. After, extend your legs forward and place them over your partner’s shoulders. Once in place, you’ll experience all the joys of Walk The Line.
Why She’ll Love It:
Ladies, with your legs held together, you’ll create a tight experience for you and your partner. Each thrust will remind you why you want to Walk The Line. For added pleasure, you may want to squeeze you vaginal muscles to intensify the sensation. And because of the position of your partner, he’ll have the opportunity to nibble and to kiss your ankles and feet.
Why He’ll Love It:
You have a foot fetish. This position allows you to explore that fetish and enjoy the tight trusts and proximity of her feet near your face. You can kiss her feet, lick her toes or nibble on her ankles. And because you’re on the bottom, you’ll work with your partner to enjoy the tight, powerful thrusts created.
About This Position
Sex Position Number: 323
Difficulty: Experienced
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For:  Vaginal Insensitivity
Other Positions You May Like: Muffed Treat
Ideal Penis Size: 5 inches +
Stamina Required: Medium
Flexibility Required: Medium 


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