Sex Position: Prepare for Take Off

The FAA provides pilots a series of checklists to prepare them for take off. From checking the engine to reviewing the gears and flaps, a pilot and a mechanic must prepare to prevent a major hazard from occurring. Ladies, you too will Prepare for Take Off, giving your co-pilot a series of checklist for reviewing your gears, flaps and engine before take off.
Men, before you can be her co-pilot, you’ll need to log in several “flight hours,” which will give you the necessary stamina and practice to perform this position. If you’re an experienced co-pilot, get on your knees. Ladies, get on top with your back facing him.

Get on your knees and spread your legs, giving him an opportunity to penetrate. After penetration, lean forward, extend your legs behind you, and use your hands for support before preparing for take off. 
Why She’ll Love It:
As soon as you’re in the air, you’ll experience intense, but satisfying turbulence. Your pilot’s cabinet may be shaking, but you need not worry thanks to the deep penetration achieved. Because of the positioning of your hips, he’ll stimulate your G-spot to increase your altitude until you reach your climax.  
Why He’ll Love It:
Look at the picture. Look how enticing her curves will look from this position. When you grab her hips, you’ll increase the intensity of each thrust. Meanwhile, the deep penetration achieved from this position will help you explore her most intimate areas. And for added pleasure, try using your free hands to explore her “black hole,” but be sure to ask for permission before entering this “no-fly zone.”
About This Position
Sex Position Number: 167
Difficulty: Guru
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: Vaginal Dryness
Other Positions You May Like: Silk Massage
Ideal Penis Size: 5 inches +
Stamina Required: High
Flexibility Required: Medium


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