Sex Position: The O-Spot

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10 percent of women have never reached the blissful peak of an orgasm. If you’re part of that unfortunate few, we hope to change that. While we cannot guarantee one position will have you screaming and moaning, but we can offer some guidance as to some possible reasons for why you incessantly fail to reach your peak. For example, women with vaginal insensitivity, i.e., clitoris and G-spot numbness, cannot experience sensation. While women with health issues, tipped uteruses, vaginal odor or discharge, too seem vexed by the inability to orgasm.
And if none of these conditions or health woes describe you, then maybe it is the technique. So if you’re yearning to orgasm, remember, X marks the spot, but O marks the orgasm.
The O-spot positions a man on his back with his feet stretched out. Ladies, face your man and stretch your feet out. Once in position, ladies, recline back. By reclining, a woman improves the tightness of her muscles and allows herself to thrust forward. Each forward thrust stimulates the clitoris, increasing a woman’s chances of having an orgasm.
Why She’ll Love It:
Females, you’ll do most of the work from this position, but your man won’t be lying there like a dead fish. No, your man will be charged with caressing your breast, buttocks and clitoris. As you're thrusting forward, he too should be massaging your clitoris for an even higher sense of stimulation. Just be sure to keep those legs as close together as possible, ladies. The closer your legs are, the higher the tightness factor.  
Why He’ll Love It:
You’ve missed her tight form. You too have missed hearing her have an orgasm. Sure, she’s faked it a few times to keep you content, but you know. Your knowing spurs resentment and frustration. So now, it’s time to allay that anger and to recapture your abilities. While she’s thrusting, you’ll love the visual stimulation of playing with her clitoris.
About this Position
Sex Position Number: 6
Difficulty: Medium
Pleasure for Him: Low
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: Men with premature ejaculation issues.
Other Positions You May Like: Passengers Welcome
Ideal Penis Size:  3 inches+
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Medium

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