Sex Position: Mission In-Her-Possible

She may experience trouble reaching an orgasm, but with Mission In-Her-Possible, you can improve her chances. If your partner complains about clitoris or G-spot stimulation, then fear not for Mission In-Her-Possible pleasures both areas. Known as a variant to the popular missionary position, Mission In-Her-Possible is ideal for men with a penis size of 5 inches or larger. Still, if you can manage, try it for yourself to see what she thinks.
Women will start on their backs with one leg in the air and one leg on the bed. Men will lean forward and use the woman’s resting leg for support and guidance. And females, do not worry about the positioning, it does not require as much stretching as it appears.
Why She’ll Love It:
If an orgasm has been elusive as of late, then you’ll enjoy the added stimulation this position will provide. Each thrust will stimulate the right area, and with your leg in the air, you’ll be sure to enjoy the pleasure a man’s pelvis pressed against your clitoris can provide. And for even more stimulation, ask him to kiss your ankle or your feet.
Why He’ll Love It:
If you’ve been feeling self conscious for not being able to stimulate her accordingly, you’ll love the wonders this position will provide. It may take a bit of endurance on your part, and an adequate size to get the job done right, but if you can manage, she’ll be sure to thank you in other ways.
About This Position
Sex Position Number: 13
Difficulty: For Experienced Couples
Pleasure for Him: Low
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: Men with small penises or Women who experience intercourse pain
Other positions you may like: Twist-Her
Ideal Penis Size: 7 inches +
Stamina Required: Medium
Flexibility Required: Medium    



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