Sex Position: Make Love, Not War

Arguments remain the one ubiquitous flaw of all relationships—whether happy or not. Couples will bicker over jealousy and insecurity issues. They’ll quarrel over communication and money problems. And husbands and wives will all disagree on the division of labor and the right method of discipline for the kids.
While marriage therapists agree these arguments strengthen the bond of a couple, too many of these skirmishes can be detrimental to a partnership. So if you notice your relationship leaning toward the latter, you may want to Make Love, Not War.
For this position, men will start off on their backs; ladies will climb on top and position themselves so that their backs face a man. From here, ladies will remain in control of most of the action, creating deep penetration.
Why She’ll Love It:
Each forward thrust will give your partner plenty to moan about. The separation of your legs will give him the opportunity to achieve deep penetration, so if your guy is small, this position will make him feel really big.
Why He’ll Love It:
Your lady may want a deeper, more profound insertion to please her needs. You may be unable to provide her with the necessary length she needs. That shouldn’t stop you from using certain positions to create the semblance of a larger penis.

In Make Love, Not War, the separation of her legs gives her the illusion she’s with a larger man. For a man lacking confidence in the size department, any illusion will help. 

About This Position
Sex Position Number: 192
Difficulty: Novice
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: Vaginal Insensitivity
Other Positions You May Like: 2-for-1 Special
Ideal Penis Size:  5 Inches+
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Low


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