Sex Position: Licking Her Splits

Licking Her Splits requires minimum flexibility and stamina. Licking Her Splits, unlike Enjoy The View, places the males on their backs this time, giving guys a whole new perspective of their partners’ inner workings. From this position, males will want to make every effort to lick and kiss the right spots. And for the novices, this position makes for an ideal method for making her squirm and moan.
Men will lie on their backs. Women will kneel down—on top of a man’s face. From this position, men will have full access to your most scared garden. And when you start to really enjoy the tongue action, your man can squeeze your legs tighter to prevent you from moving away.
Why She’ll Love It:
When giving a man fellatio, you’re used to being on your knees. But this time, being on your knees will give you a stimulating pleasure like never before. And thanks to the position of the man, he’ll be able to apply extra tight pressure to keep you in place. So kneel down and enjoy what he’ll offer.
Why He’ll Love It:
Gentlemen, you’ll be extra close to your favorite treat. From here, you can give her an extra big, juicy kiss. Inexperienced men, meanwhile, can use this opportunity to explore the innards of their partners, familiarizing themselves with each of the vagina’s many parts.
About This Position:
Sex Position Number: 54
Difficulty: For Novice Couples
Pleasure for Him: Medium
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: Vaginal Discharge or Odor
Other positions you may like: Beach Chair
Ideal Penis Size: N/A
Stamina Required: N/A
Flexibility Required: N/A


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