Sex Position: Joy Ride

Designed to boost pleasure, Joy Ride allows for maximum sideways penetration to make the ride, well, you know, a joy. Gentlemen, when you need a small breather but don’t want the action to stop, Joy Ride requires little work. Lie on your back to perform upward, joyful thrusts. And ladies, sitting sideways allows you to push your legs together to contract and to tighten you vaginal muscles for a stark difference. For older men and women, Joy Ride can provide couples a tighter feeling that they may miss. 
Why She'll Love It:
Joy Ride gives you an improved sensation, especially after multiple births and age have ruined your tightness. 

Why He'll Love It:
Gentlemen, sometimes you'll want a tighter, more pleasurable feel. Joy Ride will make your woman feel young again. 
Sex Position Number: 1
Diffuclty: Easy
Pleasure for Him: Very High
Pleasure for Her: Medium
Not Suitable For: Men with premature ejaculation issues. 
Other Postions You May Like: Cuddling, Not Optional
Ideal Penis Size:  4 inches+ 
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Low


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