Sex Position: Head-Ache

Your man has never had a Head-Ache like this, especially if he’s lacked the desire for sex. If he needs a reason to make love to you, Head-Ache will give him one. Designed for the ultimate oral experience, Head-Ache places males on their side while women lying perpendicular to enjoy the experience. Have your man rest against a wall or have him place one leg back to improve the sensation. And because you have your hands free, why not try caressing his chest of playing with his facial hair?
Why She’ll Love It:
Ladies, you’re in charge of the pleasure tempo here. You can lick, kiss or stroke his shaft to improve his stimulation. And because you’ll also have an extra hand free, you can graze his lower abdomen or chest to improve his stimulation. If you’ve noticed your man’s sex drive ebbing, Head-Ache will improve his mood once again to make him the raging tiger he once was.
Why He’ll Love It:
Men, you likely have never experienced oral stimulation from this angle. With her in total control, you can relax and joy the experience. Just be warned, if you’re experiencing P.E. or weak erection problems, you will want to skip this oral stimulation for now.

About This Position: 
Sex Position Number: 11
Difficulty: For Novice Couples
Pleasure for Him: High
Pleasure for Her: Medium
Not Suitable For:  Males with Weak Erections
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Ideal Penis Size: 3 inches +
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Low   


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