Sex Position: Giddy Up, Girl!

Men, sometimes, you need to apply a bit of physical punishment to get her working. Giddy Up, Girl! will reward ladies with an orgasm. Men, if you enjoy seeing your partner’s gluts jiggle, this position is designed to give you an angle perfect for see her plump behind bounce up and down.

Men, lie at the edge of the bed. Ladies, climb on top of your man. Allow him to penetrate you. Once he does, you’ll move your body to allow your leg to touch the floor. From this angle, your man will be able to stimulate the right areas of your body.
Why She’ll Love It:
Ladies, your pubic bone will rest a top of him. With each thrust, he’ll apply pressure to your public bone and (hopefully) your clitoris. The positioning of your leg, meanwhile, will further your chances of reaching an orgasm. Because of the pressure your leg’s positioning will create, you’ll find how amazing this position can be under the right circumstances.
Why He’ll Love It:
Hearing your lady orgasm gives you a sense of sexual reward. Hearing her orgasm multiple times, well, that’ll make you feel like a sex god. And because you don’t have to perform too much work, you can relax and still provide her with an appeasing position.
About This Position:
Sex Position Number: 98
Difficulty: Experienced
Pleasure for Him: Medium
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For: Vaginal Insensitivity
Other Positions You May Like: Fully Furnished
Ideal Penis Size: 5 inches +
Stamina Required: Medium
Flexibility Required: Medium


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