Sex Position: Brought You by The Letter Y

This article has been sponsored by the letter Y, as in why don’t you pleasure your partner? Or why don’t you practice more cunnilingus to get your partner to orgasm? Males who need practice or females who experience difficulty reaching an orgasm will love this position.
For those of you looking for a fancy, extravagant position, you won’t find one this time. This position is simple, but the added level of excitement will get her screaming letter-Y-approved words, like “Yes.” So sit back ladies and let your man get you to scream and moan.
Why She’ll Love It:
Ladies, each lick of his tongue and penetration of his finger will provide you with the well-needed stimulation to prepare you for an orgasm.

Some ladies can reach only an orgasm via clitoris stimulation, and once they do, they’ll be forever grateful. According to studies, just 10 minutes of foreplay can give women the well-needed stimulation to experience an orgasm during sex.
Why He’ll Love It:
Men, this position is all about pleasuring your partner. Watching her scream and moan while you pleasure her makes you feel like a sex god. Men with delicate egos, meanwhile, will get a boost to their sexual abilities, giving them a sense of accomplishment.
About This Position:
Sex Position Number: 81
Difficulty: Experienced
Pleasure for Him: Low
Pleasure for Her: High
Not Suitable For:  Female Low Libido
Other Positions You May Like: Special Effects
Ideal Penis Size: N/A
Stamina Required: N/A
Flexibility Required: N/A


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