Sex Position: 4x4

In the automotive industry, a 4x4 vehicle refers to a car capable of dispersing torque to all four wheels. The extra torque allows for more traction, and when driving in adverse conditions, the added power prevents tires from getting stuck in the snow or the mud. In 4x4, males will provide their partners with more torque, improving the chances of females reaching an orgasm. With added power, males too will provide ladies with a tighter sensation, ideal for any women who enjoy vigorous, tight penetration. 
Why She’ll Love It:
Remember the reasons you love traditional doggie: tight penetration and deep clitoris sensation. Well, 4x4 provides the same advantages ladies love about doggie, but with a tighter sensation thanks to the position of a male’s body. With a male’s hands on the bed, a man will have the chance to use one hand to provide clitoris stimulation while he thrusts.
Why He’ll Love It:
Each time you perform this move, you’ll experience some tight penetration. Your forward thrusts will be greeted by her clenching vaginal muscles. Males who enjoy added torque will love the improved power they’ll provide toward their thrusting motions.
About This Position
Sex Position Number: 348
Difficulty: Novice
Pleasure for Him: Medium
Pleasure for Her: Medium
Not Suitable For: Vaginal Insensitivity
Other Positions You May Like: Spectator
Ideal Penis Size: 5 inches +
Stamina Required: Low
Flexibility Required: Low


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