Sarsaparilla Jamaican Turns Middle Age into a Second Chance: One Married Couple Goes from Sexually Depraved to Sensually Ignited

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A typical night with Gray and Justine once looked like this: she read a book, he played on his computer. After they went to bed, he flipped on the television and she flipped onto her side. She drifted to sleep, he watched late-night TV, and they repeated the same scene the next day.
He was 46 years old, she was 44.
When Life Gets in the Way
“We were middle-aged adults acting like we were in our 80s,” Justine says. “Actually, people in their 80s probably have more fun than we did.”
“I loved my wife,” Gray explains. “But we’d lost our edge. The fire had definitely cooled.”
This couple hadn’t suffered from infidelity or cruelty. Rather, each was the victim of time. They were older and had lived life to the fullest in youth. Gray and Justine met in college and found mutual interest in pot and beer. After they married, neither saw a reason to stop the party. They put off having children until their 30s, when real life hit like a thunderbolt. Jobs, two kids, a mortgage, and general responsibilities kept them busy until, one day, Justine realized they hadn’t had sex in two months.
“It was one of those nights when Gray watched TV and I fell asleep,” she recalls. “I woke from a bad dream and reached for him. I thought about making love and realized it’d been a long time. The next morning, I made him call into work so we could talk.”

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A Startling Discovery
The two sat together and assessed their marriage. Neither was unhappy, neither wanted to stray. But, surprisingly, both lacked interest in sex. They were still attracted to each other – “Justine gets more beautiful with age,” Gray says – but neither felt an ounce of desire.
Justine examined their situations and, as a nurse, spoke bluntly to her husband. “I believed our hormones were imbalanced,” Justine tells us. “I attributed the cause to previous substance abuse and age. I was pre-menopausal, that time when estrogen takes a nosedive. As for Gray, some men lose testosterone not because of diet, alcohol consumption and weight. We simply hadn’t taken care of ourselves.”
Justine took her husband to bed that night and told him they had to make love. Sex naturally boosts hormones and builds desire. But that first time after their extended hiatus was disastrous.
“My dick hung like a limp piece of meat,” Gray remembers. “I wanted to get hard for Justine, but I couldn’t. I physically couldn’t do it.”
Drastic Times, Drastic Measures
After that encounter, Justine removed all the alcohol from the house, purchased only whole foods and consulted her medical books. She had a problem and was determined to fix it – she wouldn’t go another day without intimacy.
“As I read, I reacquainted myself with the healing power of herbs,” she says. “I learned about Sarsaparilla Jamaican and its ability to stabilize estrogen levels in women, progesterone levels in men. (TRY: Sarsaparilla for Natural Erection Boosts) I knew immediately I was going to order some for both of us.”
Sarsaparilla Jamaican helps men go from weak, lifeless erections to potent and lusty hard-ons. It also boosts libido in men and women alike.

What to do

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