The Road to a Pain-Free Prostate: A Battle With Painful Urinary Incontinence

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Tim and Jacky had been a couple for over 4 years and everything seemed perfect. They both had their separate places to live so they had their privacy and space, and hardly argued at all. They’d planned a road trip for some time since they hadn’t been on one in ages. It was something that they liked doing in order to have fun together and get away from the big city.
Their sex life had been white hot in the beginning but had tapered off in recent months as with many relationships. However, Jacky had grown a little dissatisfied with Tim’s inability to control his climaxes, which also was a recent thing she had noticed. In order not to rock the boat she didn’t say anything about it.

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The Confrontation
As the two rode up a winding highway which faced out over a sea cliff, Tim pulled over for the umpteenth time since leaving the city in order to urinate. This fizzled out whatever romantic notions that the beautiful scenery provided and Jacky decided to finally confront Tim about how she felt.
“So I think it’s time to talk, Tim.”
As Tim got back into the car he rolled his eyes since he knew that this would not be good. “Uh…yeah?” he said after some hesitation.
“Why are you constantly going to the bathroom? Is something wrong?”
“No…well, I don’t think there is. Maybe I just drank too much water.”
“Tim, it’s something more than that, and you’ve been not lasting more than a few minutes when you’re having sex with me…don’t I turn you on anymore?”
Tim sighed, then said: “Okay look, I’ll tell you what’s going on…”
Tim then explained that ever since losing his job a couple of months ago, he’d fallen into a cycle of constantly jacking his member off in order to relieve some of the stress of being unemployed. He’d noticed that his prostate had begun to ache and that he had to pee with a lot more frequency.
They both figured that the early ejaculations were somehow part of his prostate issues as well, and vowed to look for an all-natural solution upon returning from their road trip...
Over Indulgence
As with Tim’s case men can sometimes fall into a pattern of chronic masturbation because of stressful situations, or just merely wanting to fantasize about sex a lot. When done in regular moderation (3-4 times per week) his can be a good thing and even help to protect the urethra, bladder, and kidneys against yeast infections (yes – men get them too). But done with too much frequency and not giving your body proper amounts of rest in-between sessions can have a detrimental effect.
Too much self-love can cause elevated levels of testosterone, and since it’s the prostate’s job to convert testosterone into DHT it can become overwhelmed with the increased work load. Eventually this can lead to a man burning his prostate out and damaging the delicate tissues, tendons, muscles, and nerves in the local area, including the testicles and penis.
Prostaglandin E-2 can flood the body and cause severe inflammation in the lower abdomen, including the liver, kidneys, lower back, and entire groin area including the prostate. This can result in pain in the prostate, painful urinations, not being able to fully drain the bladder (drippy penis), incontinence, erectile dysfunction, bloody urine, and premature ejaculations. So how does one get back on track from these unwanted symptoms?
The Road Back to Health
Put your penis away and let your body initiate its innate healing abilities, even if for just a few weeks. You can take up exercise instead in order to burn off any extra stress and allow yourself to have better and higher quality of sleep at night. Also, make sure that you are eating plenty of whole foods such as organic beef, lamb (if you can find it), chicken, and pork. Don’t skimp on the fruits and vegetables as well, and grains and nuts are always good for your health.
When you’re ready to take the next step, consider taking a powerful botanical remedy. (SEE: Prostate Exhaustion Recovery Formula) Unlike pharmaceutical-grade medications, these are all-natural and so cause no unwanted side-effects. These potent herbal mixtures work in unison with your body’s food nutrients in order to re-regulate DHT production as well as eliminate prostaglandin E-2 inflammation throughout your body.
Although this all doesn’t happen overnight, but with some patience and diligence, men have reported seeing a reversal of their symptoms within just a few months. Just remember that when you do resume masturbation, do so in moderation or else all of your progress can become compromised, and we don’t want that. So get some all-natural healing power for yourself today and watch those prostate issues become a thing of the past!

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