Prostate Health Linked to Pumpkin Seeds

Zinc, iron, protein and magnesium are all collated together into the tiny seeds from pumpkins. Marketed and sold as a snack, Pumpkin Seeds offer more than just an appeasing afternoon pick-me-up. Pumpkin Seeds are linked to helping improve prostate health, quell arthritis pain, and alleviate high cholesterol. This tiny, easy-to-carry snack manages to do so much more than just keep hunger pains away.
Over 50 and Prostate Pain
Individuals who suffer from an enlarged prostate often experience symptoms after the age of 50. The causes for an enlarged prostate occur because of excessive ejaculation, resulting in painful urination, difficulty experiencing an orgasm, and inability at maintaining an erection. For a man looking for sexual enjoyment, a half-erect, barley operational penis does not help.
The Science Behind Pumpkin Seeds
Studies have shown that Pumpkin Seeds appear to inhibit the production of DHT, a byproduct of testosterone conversion. When DHT is produced in excess, individuals begin to see an inflammation of their prostate.

How Pumpkin Seeds inhibit DHT is still a mystery, but studies have proven that men with higher levels of carotenoids (a chemical byproduct found in plants) are less likely to develop an enlarged prostate. Because Pumpkin Seeds are rich in carotenoids, cells experience free radical damage when the chemical byproduct is consumed.

Thanks to the ability of Pumpkin Seeds to reduce DHT levels prostate inflammation formulas often include Pumpkin Seed as its key ingredient. Formulas such as a Botanical Prostate Corrective Maintenance Remedy help reduce inflammation, prevent painful urination, and limit the trips to the bathroom. Individuals looking for an all-natural alternative to traditional enlarged prostate pills may want to try Pumpkin Seeds.

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