Pleasure & Pain - How vaginal over-stimulation can lead to intercourse pain

According to recent research on female sexuality, a great number of women experience pain during sex. They all seem to have certain factors in common with their sexual histories; over-masturbation, over-sex and the use of sex toys such as vibrators. Generally, chronic stimulation can be ongoing without any complications. Unfortunately, intercourse pain is a developed condition that can eventually make sex unbearable.
The bodies of women who suffer from this unique dilemma have changed and degraded to the point of excessively inducing the chemical prostaglandin E-2 (PGE-2) corresponding to a lack of the necessary ‘maintenance’ hormone prostaglandin E-1 (PGE-1). This imbalance is a direct factor in the occurrence of intercourse pain. In some cases, the pain is so great that women will no longer wish to achieve orgasm. But it does not have to be a permanent predicament. One must learn how to reduce the release of PGE-2 while enhancing the synthesis of PGE-1 for healing and restoration. Otherwise, the condition will deteriorate.
Contributing to the sex pains are the associated aggressive vaginal muscular contractions and a chemical deficiency; the local pelvic tissues cannot produce enough prostaglandin E-1 for their own flexibility and elasticity. Due to a lack of serotonin, acetylcholine, and androgen hormones (DHEA/androstenedione/testosterone/DHT), an excess of prostaglandin E-2 is produced by the contractions. Excessive epinephrine and cortisol that is released upon orgasm is due to a lack of parasympathetic/serotonin nervous modulation in the adrenal medulla and cortex, as well as a lack of serotonin and androgen hormones (such as DHEA, androstenedione, testosterone and DHT) in the local tissue. The consequent nervous fatigue and sexual exhaustion is generally a result of over-stimulation and chronic use of a vibrator.
Herbs in the VRD Formula III contain various adoptagenic and rejuvenating properties that are known to improve blood circulation, repair damaged tissue, and relieve pains by providing nutrients to the vaginal nerve endings. By increasing PGE-1 and reducing PGE-2 in the vaginal tissue, quality of nerve elasticity and blood circulation is enhanced and works to prevent intercourse pain and tissue damage (due to over-masturbation, vibrator, water jet, shower jet, or excessive sex). The renewed health of the spongy tissue in the vagina and clitoris will help rejuvenate the natural vaginal lubrication mechanism, narrow the vaginal canal and strengthen the vaginal muscles, thereby preventing further instances of intercourse pain.

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VRD Formula III - Vaginal Regeneration & Detoxification Formula For Intercourse Pain

Abusing a vibrator can trigger chronic elevation of prolactin, dopamine-norepinephrine or epinephrine conversion, leading to pituitary-ovarian functional disorders and sexual exhaustion symptoms. Vibrator abuse can accelerate aging of the vagina,... Read more
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Sadie's picture
Sadie posted on Mon, 06/10/2013 - 12:57
I have had issues with intercourse pain before and that was caused most likely by having too much sex or my toys. I had lots and lots of sex and I played with my toys almost every night. Recently I have been getting a sharp pain when having sex and it is not pleasent. I am going to use the VRD Formula to help my vagina.
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