Penis Shrinkage: When Just Being Cold Is No Longer An Excuse

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I will never forget the day my boyfriend turned to me on a Sunday morning and said, “I think my penis is shrinking.” I barely had had enough coffee to deal with that sentence, but there it was. At first, I didn't know what to think. I certainly hadn't noticed any difference. And he was still throwing down in the bedroom just as well as when we first got together. I was mind boggled to say the least. I really had no idea that something like this had been swimming around his mind for so long. What I did know, was that I needed to help him any way I could, and fast, before he built up a complex.
A Shrinking Desire
Obviously, I hopped right on the research boat, and became the penis detective for a few days. And in my studies I found out some very valuable information.

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Science Of An Erection
As you may already know, every penis comes with two looks. When it puts its best face forward, the penis stands tall and proud...And when it goes into resting mood, well it doesn't really stand up at all. The penis is made up of spongy material that is survived by your arteries. The arteries function by opening up to let blood into the penis, and the veins within the shaft close in order to trap that blood inside the chambers within the shaft of the penis. Essentially, this is how an erection occurs.
When your penis hangs it's “Not In Use” sign the artery that allows your blood in, is more or less closed for business, and only a small amount of blood  is able to get through the valve so that your penis is able to stay alive.
When a man's penis is either immersed in cool water or exposed to not-so-warm weather, the artery that normally gives the go-ahead for blood to enter into the penis shaft, contracts. This ends up allowing less blood to flow in. Your penis will temporarily shrink down to a much, much smaller size until it is once again warm.
Shrinking Killer
Typically, men who have had a previous experience with erectile dysfunction are more prone to have a problem with prolonged penile shrinkage. Longer cases of penis shrinkage occurs when the spongy tissue that usually swells to size, shrink permanently. When this happens, a man can potentially lose up to an inch off of his normal erections. So the question remains, how do you put a stop to penis shrinkage?
With the help of natural herbs such as Deglatined Antler, Pyrola Incarnata, Cnidum Monnier, Polygonum Multiflorum, Schizandra Berry, and Prunus Africana you will easily be able to reverse your shrinkage problems. I would also recommend utilizing the Reverse V Hook  technique for that extra elongation action.
The herbal remedy will help to rejuvenate the penile tissue, as well as help to add inches and girth back onto your penis. They also have the ability to increase the volume of ejaculation, repair venous leakage problems, and repair scarring.

What to do

Reverse V Hook For Shrinking Penis

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