Penis Injuries - Wasted Your Penis Enlargement Efforts & Traumatize Your Penis Further

When you think about sex, you picture boobs, penises, vaginas and butts. You imagine your partner—or future partners. You think about the pleasurable aspects of sex—not the dangerous, oh-she-can-give-an-STD part of sex. When you’re drunk, your mind doesn’t think, “Oh she’s ugly.” Your drink mind thinks, “Hey, boobs!” And while most individuals remain aware of the common dangers of sex, including unwanted pregnancy, STDs and addictions, common sexual practitioners forget how dangerous and harmful sex positions, toys and pornography can be for the mind and genitals—especially your penis.
Each year, hundreds of thousand of men experience injuries because of sex toys, penis pumps and dangerous sex positions. And men with desires to enlarge their penises after suffering an injury can notice several complications.

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The Dangers Your Penis Faces
Your penis is a resilient organ when flaccid. It can take plenty of self-inflicted abuse; it can twist, bend and curve in ways few other organs on your body can. When erect, well, when erect, your penis can fracture; blood vessels can rupture; tissue can bruise and scar tissue can form. And everything from strange, oddly named sex positions to penis rings can leave a penis into a state of permanent flaccidness.
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Complications During Enlargement
Injuries lead to several complications during the enlargement process, the most common of which remains the depleted levels of blood flowing toward the penis. With lowered levels of blood inhibited from entering the bruised tissue, plaque-ridden molecules flood a penis, an issue that keeps the organ from
  • Obtaining the necessary nutrients from supplements
  • Experiencing tissue growth
  • Gaining a full erection
Because common penis injuries lead to a buildup of both plaque and scar tissue, the organ cannot get the necessary vitamins and minerals it needs to expand.

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Resolving the Injury First
Prior to trying any enlargement techniques or supplements, men must understand how to fix their current penis injury. Men must understand the causes of their injuries as well as their solutions for fixing masturbation-related injuries, sex-toy related damage and dangerous sex position wounds. Each injury may require a different solution and recovery time. 

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