Paging Dr. Freud – The Psychology of Penis Size

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Thinking about penis enlargement? Maybe you've considered pharmaceuticals, pumps, stretches and surgery. Perhaps you've even taken the matter to a higher power--“Dear God, I know there are children dying in Africa, but please make my penis bigger.” Perhaps the bigger issue isn't the “how,” but the “why.”

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Summary: Men are not happy with their average size penis are not simply explained as self-ego. Research shown that women are excited with engorged penis during foreplay.
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While practical, physical reasons exist for wanting a bigger penis, such as better satisfying a partner, a majority of reasons are psychological. Now that's not to say that the reasons aren't valid; it merely suggests that we're products of social pressure and social conditioning. 
Penis Size – Why It's Never Enough 
According Donald Zimmer from Men’s Health, a staggering 90 percent of men are unhappy the width and length of their penises. According to Zimmer, this dissatisfaction is driven by men's perceptions about their size. And while the average length measures 5.5 inches, a majority of men remain under the impression that they are too small.

This notion may be wired into our brains as a result of evolution or from studies that have shown women found well-endowed men more attractive. When we look at the issue from the perspective of natural selection, it's in a man's best interest to improve size as much as possible. So sorry guys, but no matter how much she claims to love the AAA battery between your legs, deep down, she's probably craving a C or D. 
When looking at the psychology factor of penis size, we have to consider how we have been conditioned to associate size with manhood. When you were a kid, perhaps you compared your size with that of your friends to determine who was the manliest. Makes sense, right? If size equals manhood, then a bigger size equals more manliness. Now that you're older, it's a lot less socially acceptable to whip it out in front of your best friend and say, “Let's see what you've got,” but the underlying sentiment still exists. 
The porn industry further places pressure on insecure guys by featuring male actors who are hung like stallions. Men see these images and think to themselves, “Damn, if I want to give my wife a screaming orgasm, I need to grow about 6 more inches.” The danger here is that porn shines an unrealistic light on sex. It exists in a bizarro world where all men have tremendous penises and women actually enjoy having their faces ejaculated upon (try that with your wife or girlfriend and just see what happens). 
Still Unsatisfied With Your Penis Size? 
Whether or not your feelings of penile inadequacy are well-founded, there's nothing wrong with wanting a bit more size. If women can spend thousands of dollars on breast implants, why can't we strive for a bit more length and girth between our legs? If you'd like to give yourself a boost, consider a natural approach. Skip the surgeries, the apparatuses and the hypnosis tapes (yes, there are actually hypnosis tapes for penis enlargement...don't even ask). 
Penile stretching exercises are okay in moderation, but research has shown that they don't deliver noticeable results, and too much stretching may actually cause nerve damage and scar tissue. The most effective natural method for penis enlargement involves the use of herbs like Cistanche, Cuscuta, Deer Antler and Ginseng.

Botanical ingredients like these will promote blood flow to your penis, while increasing important sex hormones like HGH, testosterone and nitric oxide. So who cares if your concerns are merely psychological? If you can increase your size safely and naturally, then you can just tell Sigmund Freud to stick it. 

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0407kinia posted on Thu, 07/10/2014 - 11:57
As a lady myself, I agree that women are satisfied. We don't always show it but if you hear moans and see different faces then know that you are doing your job. I have been with men who aren't as big and I was still able to orgasm. You just need to be confident and try your hardest to make the woman orgasm and it will happen. Don't let your ego take over it.
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