Opening Closed Blossoms: What One Flower Can Do For Your Sexual Experience

Have you ever noticed how the smallest thing can have terrific consequences? For example, birth control. One tiny pill, shot, or ring and your procreation problems are put on hold. You barely have to think about it, whilst inside your body enormous upheavals are taking place. Hormonal systems are being undermined, uprooted, and overwritten. Usually, the worst we get out of it is nausea or spotting.
Where Is This Coming From?
However, sometimes problems start cropping up that we just can’t figure out. Brown discharge. Low sex drive. Poor genital sensation. Pain during sex. Vaginal looseness. And we don’t think to look at the itty-bitty little hugely disruptive hormonal supplement we’re taking, but look for a larger problem. Doctor’s are meant to tell us when we apply for our birth control all the side effects we can look for, but many slip through the doors with nary a caution.

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Out of the Frying Pan...
This happened recently to Lydia. She had begun taking birth control just a few months before, in response to her boyfriend’s near-terror of unwanted progeny. Very soon, however, she began having problems. “My vagina felt loose, and I was terrified,” she said. “It seemed as though I could barely feel my boyfriend. I thought I had ruined my vagina in just a few months.”
Cold Snap
On top of that, Lydia was also experiencing a loss of desire. “After a while, when we had sex, I couldn’t feel anything. I never had an orgasm. And the idea of sex just lost its appeal.” Her boyfriend first became angry, accusing her of taking another lover and being satisfied—and stretched—with him. When she repeatedly denied his claims, he turned cold and distant. He no longer tried to please her during sex, and quickly took his pleasure without a care for hers.
Is Ignorance is Bliss?
“I was so lost,” Lydia told me. “I thought maybe this is how sex is, how relationships are. I didn’t know what a normal sex was, or that I had a right to enjoyment and desire.” She tried to accustom herself to her new role, and to her boyfriend’s jealousy and mistreatment. Not knowing anything was wrong; she didn’t speak to friends or family—a move that would have quickly opened her eyes. For two years, she suffered silently, thinking her relationship was normal, and that everyone went through such trials.
Wedded and Bedded
And then her friends started getting married. She began to be invited to bridal showers and bachelorette parties. What she heard at these feminine, communal events finally changed her own opinion of her relationship. Relationships aren’t built on jealousy and fear, but on honesty and trust. Sex is more than just a motion to go through. Sex is supposed to be a joyful, wonderful thing!


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